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Much Ado About Nothing

Tuesday, June 30th, 2009

Not very talkative the past three weeks. Oh, not that there was nothing to write about. Several doctor visits. Order to comply from the city. Linda off and a few trips out of the city. And lots of little things…

Now I must admit… when I was experiencing each and every occurrence I felt I could have written much. Heartache, disappointment, anger, fury, injustice… oh, and some fun stuff as well. I could of wrote hundreds of words about each of those mini events. At the time the writer’s quill could have waxed eloquent and at others times be a sword of vengeance.

Yep, three weeks have gone by. Now at the end of the time I find myself reflecting on those days of whine and roses. I sit here wondering if there was anything truly memorable. Perhaps. Yet with all the activity. All the pain and upset. The smiles and laughter and time spent together… I could have written much about each event but when taken on the whole it would have been an exercise of making much ado about nothing. So I will tuck away the past days in the vault of memory and perhaps on some occasion draw the odd thought out to see how it sparkles… or not.

Out for a drive…

Monday, June 8th, 2009

Linda and I were out for a drive the previous night. Around the bay counter clock wise. As we were proceeding to drive down Dundas (St? Rd?) by Dundurn Park I saw something peculiar happen to my windshield. The light was low and I could see these vertical bars moving through the glass. Funny, I never saw that before. After a minute of trying to figure it out what I was seeing I mentioned it to Linda. Oh, see was seeing the very same thing. Then at the same time we both knew the real answer to what we were seeing.


You know how some bugs love to hover over and around certain trees. I have seen them in my backyard often enough. Mostly harmless. So seeing bugs flying above the trees near sunset… nothing new. What was new were how many there were. They looked more like columns of smoke. Millions of the little critters above the tress and joining up between the trees. A shifting veil of life. Quite impressive as Linda and I rolled up the windows so we wouldn’t be eating the low flying ones.

I guess the city’s new “environmentally friendly” program when it comes to pesticides is really working. Where we had a few bugs before you can now make friends with uncountable hordes of these delightful pests. And even better… it is still early in the season. I can hardly wait to see what happens next.

Fly! Fly! Fly away home!


Saturday, June 6th, 2009

This apology may be too late. Why an apology? I wrote what I thought was a humorous little story using a play on words about a month ago. Apparently it was more of an affront to people’s sensibilities than a tickling of their funny bone. After a bit of commenting back and forth with one writer I let the story stand so people could see the conversation. A week ago I removed the post all together. Today, while talking it over with the Lord I got an “I tried to tell you” tap in my spirit. I should have known better than to post the story. So I want to apologize to any and all people who were offended by the piece I wrote. It has taught me that I must be more circumspect about the things I share.