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Tuesday, October 13th, 2009

So yesterday I poked my head outside of my shell and slowly walked out into the world. Drove Linda and I to church for a Thanksgiving meal. Upon entering the church hall I saw a few faces I haven’t seen since my injury of Sept o8. Uh-oh, the urge to hug came over me. I found myself at several tables embracing and saying hello (not… saying hello and embracing… big difference). Poked my head into the kitchen to see the hustle of “cooks without a stove” preparing the meal. After this I grabbed my guitar and sang a few songs for those in attendance (I was requested to do this). Then came the prayer of thanks (requested to do that)… then food… some talk. I took out my sketch book and drew a picture of a native american sitting at my table. He likes it and asks for it. Found out later he is an artist… felt humbled. Then back on the guitar and sang songs for about an hour. Nice to see some people were singing along, at least I think they were singing along, their lips were moving in time to mine. Then it was over. The last few people were leaving and I packed up my gear. Gave a friend a ride home and then to Tim’s for a coffee… that is a very important stop for Linda and I to make. Finally back home. A little sore from the effort. A slightly warm and fuzzy feeling arises. That night I crawl into bed like a turtle pulling his head back into his shell. For one day I shared a meal, hugged, talked, drew, and sang (for my supper ;))… and for the joy of it. For one day I was almost normal. That alone is reason enough to give thanks.