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Alaska by James A Mitchener

Saturday, March 29th, 2008

Alaska by: James A Mitchener

Oooohhhh… that was a long read. Paperback book, over a thousand pages, small print and a billion years in the making. Well not the writing of the book took a billion years but it is the time frame that the book covers. True to form in his writing style and method Mitchener goes to the dawn of time and weaves a history from the forming of continental plates, land bridges, mastodons, mammoths, first humans, etc.

It was interesting to read how the first humans came to Alaska and settled the islands and coast lines. Then the Athapascans, Tlingits and later the Eskimo followed on and took up their own respective areas. He explains what life was like in those early days. Then he quickly comes to the white man’s foray (Russian) into this vast wilderness. The story then continues to the modern era. Sale of Alaska to the U.S., two gold rushes, salmon fisheries, Japanese invasion, statehood and on and on it goes.

This book took me four months to get through. There came points where it was just a tiring read. Eventually I read the book only during those late night episodes of sleeplessness or doctor’s visits. Ha! My wife started the book before me, she is a faster reader, but still hasn’t finished the book. She stalled about 800 pages into the book. She is currently devouring other books and reader’s digest condensed stories. I enjoyed the story but like the Lord of the Rings trilogy it needs to be broken up and read at different times. This book in one straight read is just way too long. It seems to me to be one of his longest.

About his method. One giant story filled with smaller stories for each era covered. Most of the characters are fictional and are simply a representation of the types of people in the circumstances you could have come across if you were there. The story ends rather abrutly sometime in the late 1980’s.

If you are not much of a reader you should avoid this book. If you like historical fiction and don’t mind stretching your reading over a couple of months you will enjoy this book.

Nephew Needs Prayer

Tuesday, March 25th, 2008

As some of you may know our nephew had a lung collapse on the weekend. They inserted a tube into his chest wall to take the air out so the lung could re-inflate. He was then sent home. On Monday morning he returned to the hospital to be evaluated. His lung was previously 20% collapsed. On the evalution he was found to have a 50% collapse. He was admitted to the hospital. He underwent a simple proceedure of having a machine hooked up to the tube coming from his chest and it sucked the air out. Now they are waiting until later today or Wednesday to see if the lung will remain inflated. If not then he will have to undergo surgery to repair the lung.

Your continued prayers would be appreciated until this event has run its course.

Upgrading WordPress

Friday, March 21st, 2008

So wordpress found a small vulnerability with the last version. “You need to upgrade your wordpress” the message says. Sigh! I remember the heartache trying to move my wordpress program and data to netfirms from powweb. Took the bit between the teeth and stepped into the process. First back-up the database in case something goes wrong. Hmmm… that was too easy. Next download the zip file to my computer. Open it up in another folder. Upload all the contents to your web server. So far seems too easy… way too easy. Went over to my site and everything is working. Huh! It’s working??? No hassels, no problem and no glitches! Everything is in its place?

Gosh, I wish everything worked that easily. It sure was nice for a change. Oh my gosh… I upgraded my site’s program and I feel something strange on my face. Never been there before. Why, it’s a smile. Sigh!

Winter Lily

Monday, March 17th, 2008

Winter Lily

Easter is just around the corner. A lily we have in the back sunroom has decided to give us a show. It hasn’t bloomed once since we got it a couple of years ago. In the midst of the snow storms it started to put forth its flowers for the first time. Perhaps this is to symbolize a new beginning this Easter holiday. When we not only celebrate the resurrection of our Lord but the resurrection of purpose, dreams and a new life.

If we would only die to self we would live for and in Jesus.