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Hate Speech?

Thursday, April 30th, 2009

Was it just yesterday that the US Senate passed a bill adding sexual orientation to the protected classes? Such a vague addition don’t you think? What does it mean?

There seems to be a great need for government to create a class of super crimes against humanity. These super crimes are anything that causes harm to one of the protected groups under this new bill. Homosexuality, Transgendered, Transvestite and God knows what else is now protected against hate speech. Why am I talking about speech and not the act itself? Because pastors who want to preach the whole word of God will be charged if they cross this vague line of protection.

Yes, I believe that crimes should be punished… I just don’t think that because someone else thinks your words are hateful (even though your words are not) the punishment must be greater. The Christian community will be attacked in the states not because they commit the crimes but they “incited” the attack because of their speech. How many pastors will avoid talking about sins that cause spiritual death because they don’t want to get charged for the crime of someone else? It is meant to gag the Christian who speaks the truth in love (or not) because the message is not received by the unrepentant.

This is such a flawed law now. What sexually perverse acts will now be protected. The law talks of sexual orientation… what of bestiality? Sex with Children? What else? Someone said the number of orientations is thirty. It is a sloppy law to strike with the widest and biggest fist those who object to the new normal.

We have our own hate crimes legislation in Canada. It is used on occasion to attack the speech of others who are concerned about the spiritual direction this country is taking. As sin heats up there is a chill blowing across Christian speech.

Lord Jesus we need your Spirit to touch the hearts of those in the legislatures of Canada and the provinces. Only you can turn the tide and bring back a wayward country. Before speech can truly be protected a new Spirit must first be in the people. Release your Spirit Lord. Revive this nation and revive the US.

Recovery Night

Monday, April 20th, 2009

Tomorrow is recovery night at Crossfire Assembly. I have been away for three months due to my injury in Sept. The next three months I was attending but only stayed to lead worship. Tomorrow, ah tomorrow, I hope to stay for the entire meeting.

Doing the steps in the recovery program have been a help to me over the last two plus years. I managed to beat my addiction to video gaming. (yes, one can get addicted, severely, to computer gaming) I have other issues I would like to clean up in my life. Tonight we begin again at step one. Since this program is a part of my life I thought it would beneficial to blog a bit about it.

You may get additional information here:
Crossfire Assembly Recovery Programs

God bless

Susan Boyle…

Thursday, April 16th, 2009

Everyone sees the shell… aged… coloured by time… funny looking… yet when the shell is finally opened… not by force but by love… it is then you find a pearl of great price… hidden… now revealed…

Susan Boyle video

A tear flowed from my eye as I watched the video. Not many tears because I had to hold them back… it’s a man thing… yet sometimes joy draws them forth… and surprise… that lone tear was joined by many others…

May God smile on your future Susan…