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Racism… or more broadly, Separatism!

Tuesday, June 30th, 2015

Racism… or more broadly, Separatism!

Racism, what is it? Bottom line, preferring one race over another.

Separatism, what is it? Preferring one group over another. This includes racism.

At the heart it is preferring one person or group over others.

This in itself is not wrong. Yet it is used to separate the world along racial lines: black, white, yellow. Separatism also includes divisions based on: gender, religion, sexual orientation, economic class, political affiliations, philosophies and the list can go on to what kind of toothpaste you use. Alright, that does seem to be stretching the point yet it exists somewhere. The largest groups are: race, religion and politics. It is more powerful when two or three of these combine.

I believe that the Bible is the word of God. It includes our early history. That history reveals that mankind didn’t want to separate at all. They wanted to be one people. They wanted to build. They wanted to reach for the stars. They wanted to become… gods, masters of their own fate and captains of their own souls. Sound familiar? Invictus by William Earnest Henley. Sounds wonderful right? Yet this is not what God wanted. He came down to the earth and created different languages and speech. The different groups could no longer understand each other, they separated and left to populate the planet as God wanted.

It was not the natural state of man to separate. They wanted to be one. Yet to accomplish God’s plan and purpose they needed to spread abroad. And it happened. We know as bible believers that “ The heart is deceitful above all things, and desperately wicked: who can know it?” That is the natural state of man. It is the result of the fall. Because of this man took what God had done and began to create barriers. Understand, there is nothing wrong with separation. It is what we do with it that counts. Everyone is free to do what they will, but we know that everyone will have to give an account of what the individual has done when that person appears before God.

How did it begin? Perhaps after coming out of the garden, Adam and Eve had children. Were males and females held in different regard? How about religion, perhaps the different sacrifices by Cain and Able? Did the occurrence at Babel start divisions based on race, religious thought, slave and free, etc. The darkness of man’s heart really knows no bounds. Just look to the ovens at Auschwitz, Hitler’s final solution, or Communism’s own death camps.

What am I trying to say? Separatism, including racism, is in itself not evil. But what man does with and within those separations can be evil. In fact, it is the natural inclination of man’s heart to treat others who are different than themselves with different degrees of actions. It can go as far as the cruelest bond’s of slavery (including male and female sex slaves) to crucifixions on a cross to starvation of a race of people.

All of these things are still being done somewhere in this intolerant world. And it is in the heart of every living man and woman on the planet. Oh, but we are enlightened people. We are one. We tolerate everyone and everything, except those who are intolerant in our own opinion. I have heard it said that blacks are not racists. Yet they have racism in their own hearts. They can’t help themselves. If we could all recognize this fact, then we can begin to stop ourselves from acting out in negative ways. All of us must do this. In good times this can be easily done. In hard times it is easier said than done. With the help of God’s Spirit we can become a more spiritual man than a carnal man. At times it may seem to disappear altogether. Yet don’t be fooled. As long as you have flesh and bone the seed is there only waiting to spring to life. Understand that and you can begin to make a real difference in your life and in the lives of others. Keep yourself smug and secure within your own self-justified group and the evil we hate will spring up and trap us, over and over again.

In my mind I try to resist the flesh, while in my spirit I know…

There is neither Jew nor Greek, there is neither bond nor free, there is neither male nor female: for ye are all one in Christ Jesus.

9-11 for 2014

Thursday, September 11th, 2014

Will we even recognize a 9-11 attack for 2014?

This is the day that Al-Qaida celebrates the taking down of the twin towers in New York, NY. It is the day they choose to remind everyone that they are a force to be reckoned with. There have been attacks on almost every 9-11 since then… or perhaps there were attacks every year but the media and politicos downplayed the event.

Why would they downplay the event? Because it is not politically expedient to show how ineffective their fight against terrorism truly is. Case in point… Libya 2012.

President Obama informs the nations of the world that Osama Bin-Laden has been killed. Not only him but the entire Al-Qaida structure has been weakened to the point of second rate threat. Then on 9-11 of 2012, the great anniversary of the US tragedy, an Al-Qaida affiliate in Libya launches a late night attack that went into the wee hours of the morning of the twelfth. Ambassador Christopher Stevens and three others were killed. Many more wounded. Who did the state department blame? Regular Muslims protesting a movie spoof on the life of Mohammed. They kept up that lie until it fell apart because of political pressure after a few days.

During this whole episode, which continues to this day, with hearings and testimony a-plenty being given, I have never seen anything on the news that said this was a planned 9-11 attack. There have been a few mentions over time. The blog-o-sphere has plenty to say. Yet most still bury their collective head in the sand and refuse to name the true culprit. Hadith style Islam… not the one of the Qu-ran, but the tribal teachings attached to the prophet’s words… the sayings.

If a person wants to follow the teachings of the prophet as found in the Qu-ran… then I will fight for their right to fight their own personal/spiritual Jihad. When it crosses over to the establishing of an Islamic Caliphate State (based on the Hadith) by imposing its will against all others… that is the struggle I will stand against and name a heresy.

Through the actions of ISIS or ISIL, to borrow a biblical phrase, the name of the prophet “is blasphemed among the gentiles.” Yet this struggle belongs more in the hands of other Muslims. They need to stand up against those who would pervert the words of the prophet found in the Qu-ran. If they don’t stand up and make a clear distinction between them and ISIS and their like… they will be tarred with the same brush that is used on ISIS and they will suffer not only at the hands of the “unbelievers” and “the people of the book” but will suffer at the hands of their very own people. Muslims, please unit and save the dignity of the prophet and his words found in the Qu-ran from the abusers out for political Jihad in the world.

As a Christian I would rather have you believe in Jesus the Son of God. But that is your choice and I will defend your right to choose who you will follow. And I hope that you would defend my right to choose as well.

God bless the peacemakers.

Nelson Mandela

Tuesday, December 10th, 2013

Nelson Mandela

An Icon of Truth and Reconciliation has passed away and a nation, yea the world, mourn his passing. He was the grandfather image to every child. He was the inspiration for several generations. He wasn’t a saint but he was a pragmatic seer who helped a people avert a race war that could have killed hundreds of thousands. South Africa has many systemic problems but racial hatred is not a major problem. Now that he has passed from the scene will the ghosts of the past resurrect and haunt the soul of a nation? Only time will tell.

What do I remember of his time? He was a trouble maker fighting for the rights of his people (and justly so). When the apartheid laws were passed, and the oppressed peoples organized, violence began to bloom in ways not too dissimilar than what was experienced by others around the world. The “African National Congress” was formed and they had a militant wing. Coloured people made national protest, the police met this with a hard and sometimes murderous hand. Our peace loving Mandela took up arms and a revolutionary was born. He was caught early enough in his campaign, charged with treason and jailed, before the terror escalated and the image of riots were broadcast around the world. I remember seeing Winnie Mandela shake a box of matches… and the necklaced victims. Police vehicles going through black camps firing their weapons. The dead and dying: white, black and mixed blood.

In prison, on Robin Island, Mandela still fought, but using passive resistance, to improve the lot of black prisoners. He read a poem and the seed of the pragmatist was planted.


Out of the night that covers me,
Black as the Pit from pole to pole,
I thank whatever gods may be
For my unconquerable soul.

In the fell clutch of circumstance
I have not winced nor cried aloud.
Under the bludgeonings of chance
My head is bloody, but unbowed.

Beyond this place of wrath and tears
Looms but the Horror of the shade,
And yet the menace of the years
Finds, and shall find, me unafraid.

It matters not how strait the gate,
How charged with punishments the scroll.
I am the master of my fate:
I am the captain of my soul.

William Ernest Henley

Mandela read about the national freedom won by other African nations. He saw how the lies kept people in darkness and a call for vengeance made black on white and black on black atrocities the norm as violence tore away what little national life blood remained. Truth; the good, bad and ugly; had to be placed before the light of day. Reconciliation, not the meaningless lip service of an easily spoken “forgive me” but the honest approach to mend and build… yea, to forge a new relationship with those who despised you, hurt you, killed you was needed. That was what Mandela brought to the negotiating table. That is what he brought to the nation. That is what healed the people.

Mandela… the man

50th Anniversary of Kennedy assassination +1

Saturday, November 23rd, 2013

50 years plus one day after the assassination of President Kennedy I want to recall some of the events of this 2 year 10 month presidency. Elected by a slim (contestable?) margin Kennedy wins the Nov 8, 1960 election. He takes the oath of office on Jan 20, 1961 and the reins of power are now in his hands. In his inaugural address Kennedy raises the hope of peace and goodwill and in the next breathe warns of military struggle. You are either, with us for peaceful purposes or against us in warmongering, is what I come away with in his speech.


Remember that this is the height of the cold war. Communists have taken over many European countries, China has fallen, and insurgents around the globe trying to overthrow governments both good and bad. Fidel Castro just two years before overthrew Bastista and his government and established a communists foothold 90 miles off the US Coastline. Eisenhower made plans to train Cuban ex-patriots to invade Cuba and establish a western-style democracy. A little over two months into his administration Kennedy approves the invasion plan. He authorizes an air attack on Cuba, using disguised aircraft, in an attempt to destroy Cuban aircraft and their support structure, which does not succeed. Then on the 17th of April, 1961, the invasion is launched at the Bay of Pigs, Cuba. It was a disaster for the ex-pats.

Vietnam also came into focus and Kennedy increased US involvement in that region. It was to become the centre piece of a “Test of Wills.” This policy eventually led to the long standing struggle that resulted in 50,000 US servicemen dead. It ended with a “tail between the legs” moment as the last US personnel in Vietnam were evacuated by helicopter. Perhaps if Kennedy lived he would have cut his losses short as he did with the Cuban ex-pats. No one will know.

The Soviet Union then casts an eye to its new ally Cuba. As the US had nuclear strike capability in Turkey, so now they would try to place nuclear assets in Cuba. In October of 1962 an overflight of a U2 spy plane shows that the Cubans/Russians were starting to place and put together this nuclear strike equipment. What followed was 13 days in which the world came close to a nuclear war. As Roosevelt did with Japan, placing an embargo which lead to WWII, so too did Kennedy place an embargo about Cuba. Fortunately a deal was reached in which the Soviets would remove nuclear capability from Cuba with the promise from the US to never attack Cuba and secretly remove their own nuclear strike capability from Turkey. On the balance sheet this was a win for the Soviets. Better that then a nuclear holocaust.

Peaceful purposes?

Peace Corps. What a wonderful thought. To enable volunteers to travel to impoverished countries and lend a helping hand to raise life-expectancies and quality of life. A noble undertaking that could raise the hopes of millions. Sadly it could also be used by the CIA to place human assets on the ground. How much involvement did the CIA have in this program is unknown… it’s a secret you know.

A race to the moon. This would take great advances in science. It would pave the way for satellites, a lab and a space station to circle the globe. It could open up lunar exploration and would be our planet’s first step to the stars. From the Soviet point of view it also meant spy satellites and space weaponry, some nuclear, passing over their heads every 90 minutes or in a higher orbit so that it stays over their heads as a bird of prey.


Seems to have been more aligned with conservative fiscal policies than with the more liberal wing of the government. His human rights initiatives seemed to be stalled in the House. Whether or not he would have been able to get any of these initiatives through if allowed to continue is unknown.

Sum up!

He was a president. He served 34 of his 48 months in office. An assassin’s bullet through the brain ended his reign. It was a volatile period of time. The world changed. It could have ended. It did bleed. Yet through his speeches the dream continues. Jacqueline’s vision of a Camelot lost still resides in the minds of many. We eventually went to the moon.

I still do not know what his legacy to the world will be. What I do know is this, when his casket was rolling down the streets of Washington on a caisson, I wept with all those Americans witnessing the event. When I was a child I wept as a child, but when I became a man I saw things differently. My sadness remains but my judgment of the times have also changed. He was in the end… just a man!

Climate Change?

Sunday, November 17th, 2013

Climate Change?

Left wing media are biassed when covering the subject of climate change. I was watching Reliable Sources this morning on CNN and the misdirecting talk was evident once again. The left love to portray the right as people who cannot process scientific evidence. That the right are always sticking to their ideological prejudices. They keep saying that the right denies the truth that climate change is real. It is at this point most people would think that the right would rather believe a lie than accept the truth… and that truth that they slip in is that climate change is “driven” by man made carbon-dioxide emissions.

For the record… The right do believe in climate change. There always was and will always be changes to the climate. These changes have been brought about by natural means and by natural disasters. From the changing of landmasses to an asteroid strike, great shifts in climate have occurred in the past. At this present time the trend appears to be on a warming trend yet over the past 15 years the temperatures world wide have been relatively stable. And this snapshot of time is too short in geological terms to predict if there really is a warming trend that will continue on its current projection over the next 100 years.

I do believe that there has been a short term (50 year) increase in the planets temperature. It is self evident that the polar caps are melting faster and are not re-freezing to the previous year’s extent. And yes, glaciers high in the high mountains and low lying areas near the poles are disappearing. These effects are seen by everyone who watches the news feeds or those TV specials about nature. There really is general agreement that these things are occurring.

What then is the problem?

The problem arises from the left-wing statement that these changes are being driven by the increase of CO2 emissions from man made sources. Our cars, coal plants and a host of other human activities increase the CO2 levels and that these levels “drive” climate change by raising world wide temperatures of the air, sea and land. I must say this, I am not a climate scientist. Then again most of the scientists who are polled about what they think is the cause for climate change are not scientists in that field. Just because you are a scientist in one field does not mean that you are qualified to judge what is happening in a different line of scientific enquiry. Yet we are led to believe that those with some university education are the only ones who are qualified(?) to render an opinion… Hogwash! And that they all agree… more Hog in the Wash.

I will say that the activities of mankind are the main reason for the increase in CO2 in our environment. We are taking the planets stored hydrocarbon energy sources and processing them and using those sources in our cars, homes and industries. Yes, this increases the CO2 in our atmosphere. The oceans of the world absorb most of this CO2. What remains in the atmosphere is not enough to “drive” climate change. What about the oceans? CO2 is responsible for a slight increase in ocean temperatures but CO2 is not “driving” that ocean climate change either.

Now I am talking about the fallacy of climate change being driven by the increase use of hydrocarbons stored as gas, coal or oil in the planets crust. It does have an environmental impact, but that impact is a lot less than the so-called environmentalists would have you believe.

What is driving climate change?

The sun, in part, has warmed the atmosphere and the oceans. Not so much in the past 10-15 years because the sun’s seasonal cycle is more or less in its “winter” stage. The sun will of course become more active and then the temperature will once again begin to climb. What are the long term cycles of the sun no one knows. This may be a bigger driver of climate change than CO2 emissions from hydrocarbons.

The denuding of the forest cover is another factor in the increase of environmental CO2. This is actually done in two stages. The ground cover is destroyed releasing CO2 into our environment and then, because of the lack of greenery, less environmental CO2 is absorbed by plant life. This also contributes to global warming.

Destruction of the ozone layer. That was a man made disaster and has nothing to do with CO2, from hydrocarbon sources, in the environment. So we outlawed CFC’s and hopefully the upper atmosphere can begin to increase the right kind of chemicals to reflect UV rays back out into space. Ozone Layer? Over the poles? All that energy, once was reflected out into space now strikes the polar ice caps. They are also striking those disappearing glaciers in the northern and southern reaches. Even the glaciers in the mountains are being affected by this increase in heat energy. And again, this has nothing to do with CO2 emissions from hydrocarbons.

How about the raping and polluting of the worlds oceans? The small course changes of the earth in its orbit? The destruction of other types of plants and animals on this planet? Other things??? And worse… the shear increase of humans on the planet and what it takes to feed them, house them and move them.

Summing up?

There are natural events that are increasing temperature changes in our environment. There are also human activities that are responsible for temperature changes in our environment. All these factors working together will increase the likelihood that our environment will get warmer. The question that needs to be asked is, “what can be done in all these areas to mitigate global warming?”

Spending billions, if not trillions, trying to limit CO2 emissions from hydrocarbon use is a fools errand. All the pomp and pageantry of groups and governments dancing to the lie that man-made CO2 is the main culprit will ruin the lives of millions, affect negatively on the life of billions, and in the end be far too little too late.

Peace In Our Time? Again?

Sunday, November 10th, 2013


Peace in our time? Again? Is this what Kerry is trying to accomplish in the middle east? An Interim deal? A toothless wonder? I remember seeing the clip of Chamberlain arriving back in London just before the second world war broke out. Then too a peace agreement was signed. We know that Hitler had no intention of living up to the agreement not to seek war.

Does Rouhani really want peace? Absolutely not! He wants the sanctions lifted so that they can trade with the world and get the goods his people need. An infusion of cash would do nicely. It has taken years for the UN to get enough sanctions on Iran to finally make the leadership uncomfortable. Why the sanctions? The Iranians are trying to build a nuclear weapon. They want to use it against Israel… the West… the Sunni…

Do we let up on the sanctions for an empty promise on a piece of paper? Unless there are boots on the ground and they have the teeth to start dismantling the Iranians centrifuges no peace will be had. They were led by a madman and now a smiling fox. Yet the spirit behind Hitler is alive and well and standing firmly at Rouhani’s shoulder.

It is not enough to negotiate a deal. To obtain a promise. To hope. It is not enough to trust. As Reagan said, “Trust and Verify” the dismantling of their nuclear war program. Until then keep your powder dry and the sanctions in place.

Silence Continues… or not!

Monday, September 2nd, 2013

How often will I visit this site and leave without leaving new input. Not that I haven’t had things to say. Many times I wanted to write about the events that are facing us. It just doesn’t seem right to begin anew with something so negative… even though it is a negative world we happen to be living in at the time.

Muslim extremists burning churches harkens back to the days in Hitler’s Germany when Krystal night opened the doors of hatred in men’s hearts to destroy the synagogues, businesses, homes and bodies of Jewish believers. Now this hatred is being aimed a Christians in Egypt. One night and a hundred churches are torched to the ground. Many businesses and cars were destroyed and people beaten with impunity. Nuns were corralled like cattle. Nazis and the Muslim Brotherhood (emphasis on hood) were and are being motivated by the same spirit of rebellion called the devil and Satan. There were Germans who were shocked by the violence and were too scared to resist this evil. There are Muslims who are also shocked by the violence and are too scared to resist their evil. What we have learned is that those who are too scared to fight evil in the beginning will suffer even greater when the power, held by evil men, becomes absolute. Germany and its population were decimated by internal policies and external wars. Egypt is in the midst of this beginning of woes. Only the brave, kind hearted people of Egypt, can avert the looming disaster by standing up to this evil.

Islam, Christianity, and what they are in the eyes of a convert

Monday, September 10th, 2012

I have just come from a page. The story is 54 minutes long so don’t start if you don’t have the time. It is about how someone raised Muslim, holding government posts and more, how he came to know Jesus. He compares Qur’an values with New Testament values. I did not find anything earth shaking or revelatory… then again I have read the Qur’an and read many reports over the decades. For some it may be an eye-opener. For most I hope that it will be a challenge to lift up Jesus Christ so He can draw people to Himself.

Iranian Muslim Leader found Lord Jesus Christ… Dr Daniel Shayesteh

I can only hope the link stays active as long as my blog does.

Memorial to Martin Luther King Jr.

Monday, October 17th, 2011

Martin Luther King Jr.

Recently a statue of King was revealed to the public. It is on The National Mall in Washington DC. It is in a place that reflects the greatness of individuals and the sacrifice of the multitude. Great memorials to great presidents and war memorials grace the grounds. It is in a park setting that encourages reflection and contemplation. Does King belong there? The Politically Correct response is yes!

I should say at the beginning that I am not a fan of King. This “prejudice” is not based on the colour of his skin but on my perception of him as a trouble maker. I remember vaguely the images of that time. A mouthy man marching around various cities getting people to resist and cause various kinds of trouble. I formed these opinions looking on the events through the eyes of a child and later as a young teen. It was only a little later, still not yet a man, when I began to see the images of police brutality that the unfairness, the injustice of it all, began to change my heart and my mind.

Black people? The only black people I saw as a child were the images on TV and film. They were never flattering. It would be hard not to be prejudiced toward a black person. I was awash in a sea of white. Not that “blacks” were the sole target of prejudice. Anything outside of the ordinary was looked on with suspicion. That included Asians, Indians and other races and cultures. It also included the Protestant because “everyone” knew they were of the Devil and not to be trusted. One step further, don’t trust the English, while attending classes at a french school. My oh my, the mind of a child growing up in the 50’s was truly a limited thing of limited vision. This view was merely a reflection of the adults around me.

During my highschool years I began to see a broader cross section of humanity. I started to go to school and made my first white protestant friend. As the years rolled by more diversity came into my life. My suspicion was turned into friendships. During those highschool years teen rebellion grew and I tested all the values I grew up with. It was a time in the Western World where a loose life style of anything goes and drugs to boot were a staple in most of our lives. It overturned everything much like the early Christians were accused of overturning the world with their beliefs. Eventually all of the foundations were cracked and broken and a new age emerged. This new age eventually turned into the monstrosity of the Liberal Politically Correct Agenda that will destroy our country and the rest of the West.

Have I digressed? No, not really…

This early part of my life was the time of King’s work. Fewer people are alive today who remember those years first hand. We get a strange view nowadays because history is being projected through a set of filters. It is a liberal, politically correct, scrubbed and sanitized and responsibility deflected understanding of the times these events occurred. King was the Ghandi of those years of struggle. His fight with what he perceived of as injustice, prejudice and the rest of the evils of his time was/is inspiring. His legacy is still being written and his vision is still in the future. Are we today nearer to heaven or closer to hell is dependant upon whom you talk to. For good or for evil, he has left his mark on the world.

Back to the Mall…

The statue, the flanking stones, the wall of quotations, everything is carved out of white granite. It was paid for by the same people he opposed. The same institutions who kept the disenfranchised people under their collective feet. It is a giant white wash of the man and his mission. As I looked on the images of the “honouring” I see none of the ugly struggle of his time. I do not see the passion, determination or sacrifice of this man of principle. Like I said in the beginning, I am not a fan of King, but I am saddened by this memorial and feel it is “a slap in the face.”

It is a Politically Correct Memorial… and that is the saddest thing of all.

The Culture War – opening salvo – the calendar

Wednesday, September 7th, 2011

The Culture War – opening salvo – the calendar

A king Is born! Long Live the King! And with those words a new calendar was started. It did not matter what the kingdom was called. In Rome the calender dates from Julius, then from Augustus and so on. Each subsequent ruler had started his own era. It was like saying in the 7th year of Augustus Caesar. To get the full calendar you had to know the list of succession and how many years long each of the eras were. Other calender systems started with the foundation of their nation. The Hebrew calendar started from year one of mankind’s reign on the earth. Adam started the count and it has been progressing ever since. What do these types of these systems have in common? They represented a turning point in the affairs of men. A singular moment from which all else would progress… for those people under their system for measuring the passing time.

AD and BC

Hundreds of years after the birth of Jesus the Christ a monk decided to change the way he was measuring the passing of the years. Instead of using the years of the current Roman Emperor (era), he decided to begin his calendar from the birth of Jesus (his era). Thus began Anno Domini, The Year of Our Lord, and a simplified way of keeping track of the passage of time was created. Most of the world adopted this method to make it easier for historians and also commerce to work in their respective fields. BC then came about to measure world events that occurred prior to the birth of Jesus. Not everyone who adopted this form of measurement liked the idea that it all started with the birth of a Jew, the founder of Christianity, as the ending of one major era and the beginning of the other.

CE and BCE

Good old Henry the 8th. Wasn’t satisfied with the religion coming from Rome. He couldn’t divorce and marry whom he pleased. So he began his own flavour of religion. The church of England was born. The calendar did not change, after all they still worshipped the same God. Yet shortly after his death a slight change began to appear as to how the calendar dates were referred. It was started by those who did not like the pope and the “papists” who followed his lead. Such a slight change but a reflection of the times (for their politically correct version of time). The change? They dropped the Latin AD and adopted CE (Christian Era) and BCE (Before the Christian Era).

CE and BCE (the second coming)

Second Coming (of unbelief)? A little joke. Yet a new definition came from the Jewish community, in the 18th century of our Lord (but not theirs). They referred to the same calendar not as the start of the Christian Era but as the Common Era and BCE as Before the Common Era. Yet there is no defining moment for why the calendar should be split at that time. The only significant event is still the birth of Jesus. It reflects the heart of the rebellious, it is the age old cry of the wicked “we will not have this man rule over us.” Wicked? Simply those who will not honour or obey the words of a king.


As we entered the Era of the Scientist a quiet rebellion against faith began. If it can’t be measured does it really exist? My senses will be the judge of reality and later my sensors would add to that reality. All else, they say, is an example of hocus-pocus. It is a magic incantation, a trick to fool the gullible. It is like the priestly words spoken at communion to change the bread and wine into the body and blood of Christ. It is a marriage of fake and faith. Fortunately some, if not many, scientists still have faith. Yet the rebellious among them, those who also say “we will not have this man rule over us,” continue the religion of their cohorts (humanism) by using the CE, Common Era designation.


Scientists are supposed to be the epitome of reasoned thought. Other intellectuals are also, supposedly, of the same mould. Yet these wise and enlightened people have chosen to continue to divide the stream of time into two parts. Our time of two thousand years called the Common Era and the earlier part of history called Before the Common Era. Yet there is nothing that signifies why that division is necessary. There is no sociological event, no scientific breakthrough, no cataclysmic event that shouts down to us through time that “this, whatever it is,” has changed the world. Without the birth of Jesus, there is nothing to point at. It is simply an easy arbitrary choice. It is simply a political point for the politically correct, for they have no point of value from which to measure.

Reasoned thought? Not at all. Just an unbelieving, disrespectful act towards Jesus, his values and those who follow him. That is the basis on which the politically correct take their stance. They want to change the times and the seasons… or at least the names of them… so that they have the freedom to do whatever they desire. It isn’t even Anarchy. It is too well controlled and defined. AD/BC or CE/BCE? It was just the opening salvo in the Culture War.