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Foray into the Wild

Friday, April 16th, 2010

Gee, I got the car today. Time to swap those winter tires. It went pretty quick. Time on my hands? Hmmm… maybe a bit of a drive?

That is how I got to Gage park yesterday afternoon. Now I can’t walk very far. OK, I’ll simply walk out 75 yards and back 75 yards. See and handle a few trees. Take in the scene and smell whatever nature was offering. Not much wildlife though. One bird sitting in a juniper tree. One squirrel by a fence line. Another running across my path.

There was a trick I could do with my tongue and teeth. If I suck air through my teeth it causes a strange high pitched sound. Sometimes I fancy it sounds a bit like the sound of a squirrel calling to another. So I gave it a try, one long sound followed by four short ones. It doesn’t always work… it usually gets a squirrel to stop, look around and run away. And lo! The squirrel stopped running across my path and sat there 30 feet away. I called again and the squirrel approached a little closer. This was working much better than usual.

I kept making the sounds and the squirrel came as close as six feet from me. It sat there on its haunches, little hands curled on its chest, probably wondering what an awfully big squirrel I was. Of course if there was anyone around me they would have thought I was squirrely as well. Perhaps it was the peanut butter breathe that drew the furry critter closer.

I was so intent on this creature I failed to notice… other squirrels heard the sounds I was making. I looked around and I was surrounded by squirrels. Over a dozen were within twelve feet of me. I made the sounds again and others came running down trees, from under bushes and farther away. I stood with all these little beasties around me. I enjoyed their company. Yet I couldn’t stand there much longer. I slowly began my short journey into the park. They began to disperse and disappear from view.

I finished my journey of 75 yards out and 75 yards back. The company of squirrels made this short time a special moment. And that concludes my “Foray into the Wild.”