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I’m Still Around

Tuesday, February 28th, 2006

It hasn’t been a very good year so far. 🙁 A very bad cold that lasted weeks. Back that went bad on me and still getting therapy for it. There is more but what the heck, you don’t need a whole listing. Inspite of the problems I did participate in a special night service. A bit of acting portraying Jesus in Luke 14. It was a 15 minute skit and it went well. I thank Crossfire Assembly for opening the door for ministry oportunities.

Today I am writing a skit for a group in my church. Tomorow I have an important Dr.’s appointment. If you read this today, could you pray for me that the skit is well wrtitten and that the Dr will have wisdom and insight during the discussion.

I cannot stand alone. I am one of those people who needs people of prayer to lift me up in prayer. Not for some great work but to get through the day, each day. I truly appreciate those of you who take the time to pray for me.

God bless… 😉