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A Future Obama Moment?

Friday, August 29th, 2008
The Experience gained in the Illinois Legislature would not be wasted in Washington

The Experience gained in the Illinois Legislature would not be wasted in Washington

Shoot To Kill by Michael Asher

Monday, August 18th, 2008

Shoot To Kill by: Michael Asher
Publisher: Cassell

After  the first book of his that I read this was a bit refreshing. The story is about the military groups he joined up after graduating high-school. No slacker here, he joined the paratroops right from the start. He had his eye on becoming a commissioned officer. Soon, however, his mind set changes and he wants to continue going through the ranks. You follow his training and first mission to Ireland.

Here he gives you a brief histrory of the Irish conflict as he progresses through the story. I remember reading of some of the events that he covers and took a part in. It is not a pretty story and there is nothing noble in its execution. Simply a story of soldiers who were wired to kill and then sent into a civilian area with civilian fighters.

He later joins the SAS and hones his killing skills further. The time of these events was from ’72 onward and I doubt if it covers one decade of his life. The Vietnam war was over for the US but Britain had its hot spots and interests. There was a certain wildness trained into the men and it reflected in their actions. At that time Political Correctness hadn’t yet manifested. It is a stark look at what men can become.

Don’t expect flowery praise and well turned phrases. It is a rough and gritty read. There is no character developement. Just a hodge podge of confusion and pain in a young man’s life. It was a much better read for me than “Get Rommel” but one shouldn’t expect to be entertained in the reading. It is, after a fashion, interesting.

Olympics… Snooze…

Monday, August 11th, 2008

I usually ignore the Olympics. During my channel surfing (which isn’t an Olympic event for some reason) I’ll come across some part of a sporting event. Snooze…

I also went looking for some events to see a Canadian athlete compete… haven’t seen one yet. Though I have seen many others from many obscure little countries. Snooze…

Nope, what really intrigued me was seeing a couple of children playing “Olympics” in our church parking lot. One boy about six would pretend to run in a race (he always ran as either a Canadian or Chinese athlete. His older brother, about nine, was the sports caster and Olympic official, color commentator and more. I watched as the little lad ran four heats. By the fourth heat the poor little guy had a red face and his little legs couldn’t pump with the enthusiasm he started with. After the last race he collapsed on the ground as only a child can (or a professional athlete) with a great show of his exhaustion. Somehow, in their version, Canada won every heat. His older brother was relieved when he could finally stop with the commentary and get on with playing some other game.

I found watching those two children more enjoyable than any Olympic event I surfed to on television.

WordPress change

Saturday, August 9th, 2008

I am changing how and who can comment on my blog. Anyone who has blogged in the past… no change. Anyone new trying to post a comment… it will be held until I approve it.  Just trying to cut down on the spam posts that keep appearing.

I wish wordpress would come up with that verification program that is availlable with some other blogs like blogger. That would really cut down on the spam.