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Saturday, September 30th, 2006

Recently I picked up a new domain name. Over the past year I have going out with my camera and taking photos of trees in the Hamilton area. The photos were of a tree as; a whole, the leaf, the bark, the flower and the fruit. Now I have about a thousand photos. I have been working at creating a site that will be called TreeHunter. The great majority of names you will find there will have no links… this project is huge and will take many years to complete… if ever. What I have decided to do is to release it in yearly versions. Over the winter I will be putting together version 2006, relating to the last year of photos. It may be that the bandwidth will be too great for me to sustain the site. Find out next year if that will be a problem. The purpose is to educate and be a blessing. Pray that I will have the wisdom to accomplish both the educating and the blessing.