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Under the Knife

Tuesday, November 3rd, 2009

Note: 2 Dec 09: The operation went well. It was hard that first night. Didn’t sleep at all. Tubes kept me from turning. On my back for 30 hours. No injuries from that. That was a big relief. So, the next day they take a couple of pictures and tell me I can go home. Easier said than done but I wasn’t going to argue with them. A fair bit of pain in the groin area. Been told to take it easy for a few weeks. I want to thank all who prayed for me.

Note: 24 Nov 09: The date for the operation is now 30 Nov at 8:00 am. The operation and time in the recovery room will be 3hrs. I am told, if all goes well, I will only be in for a couple of days.

Note: 19 Nov 09: I thought I better make an addition here as well as on facebook. My surgery has been bumped. I will not be going under the knife on the 20th. The new date has not been set. They think they can get me in on the 27th or 30th of Nov. I will update this post when I have a firm date and time. Thanks for your continued prayers.


Just to let those who are following my health issues. The CT Scan came back positive and the aneurysm (an extended bulge in the wall of an artery) needs to be dealt with. On Nov 20th I will be going to the General hospital to have an EVAR (endovascular arterial repair) done. They will be making an incision into the two major arteries in each leg and then inserting the stents (a tube made of wire mesh and woven plastic) up through these. It will make a tube that will allow the blood to flow normally and for the aneurysm of the aorta to eventually collapse. Of course prayers for a successful placement and follow-up are appreciated.