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Lengthening Silence

Friday, May 30th, 2008

As I commented in the last topic I have been undergoing some changes. I wrote that I am waiting for God to breathe something new into my life rather than trying to fill it myself. Thanks Doug for your comment. In the past two weeks I have spent less than eight hours on the computer. I use to spend eight hours a day. I don’t quite understand what I am going through. Perhaps God has been priming the pump. It isn’t a good place where I am at… except when I go out and talk to God. This is the reason for the lengthening silence on my blog.

I ask for your prayers, though I don’t know what particularly to request. All I do know is that your prayers will help. Thanks.

Warm Weather Cold

Tuesday, May 13th, 2008

Seems like clockwork… on a seasonal scale. The sun is shinning more each day. The weather is getting warmer. More walks about the neighbourhood. Yet it appears that everytime there is a seasonal weather change I get a cold or flu. So I now have a spring cold. Throat is somewhat sore, lungs slightly filled and a bit of a wheeze in my breathing. Snuffed, puffed and roughed up.

Peculiar that I get one cold or flu with each passing season. I wonder sometimes if it is a cold or if my body just has a hard time adjusting to the climate change? Regardless, cough cough I is sick. Once again I come to you and ask for prayer to minimize the symptoms and help me get through this bug quickly.

So, if I don’t give out hugs on Sunday you will know that I am still fighting with the bug.  Oh, I do hope this bug breaks quickly, the Sunday hugs is my favorite part of going to church. cough, sniff, wheeze

Occular Migraine

Friday, May 2nd, 2008

I got an occular migraine happening right now. At least that is what the optomitrist called it when I explained the symptoms. There is no pain associated with the experience. What happens is that your vision changes and it looks like you are looking through one or whole bunch of small prisms. General shapes and even smaller objects are easy to make out but the finer stuff, like reading print, is almost impossible.

I was over reading dougie_g’s blog when it came on. Almost impossible to read anything. I decided to write this up just in-case others have had the same experience. It isn’t serious and it goes away after a time. I guess I am making a public service announcement. Anyone else ever have this problem and how did it affect you? Curious to compare notes.

Apologies if there are typos… can’t see well enough to know if I got everyone of them.