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American Sign Language

Monday, May 17th, 2004

😀 Over the past three months my wife and I have been taking the first ASL course that is offered to beginners. Very basic signing and learning to also finger spell. Yesterday my wife informed me that we have both passed the course. I guess we will be taking the next two courses for ASL being offered soon.

I can talk to my wife and others who sign over a fair distance or extreme noisy conditions. There is also the benefit to communicate without disturbing others in a quiet environment. In the end though there is the purpose it is designed for, to communicate to a deaf person who needs help or simply wants to “talk”. Like my limited french it can be very useful and helpful in some circumstances. My suggestion… everyone should get the very basics under their belt. You may find for yourself that using it can also be an advantage to you and to others that you meet.

Last Night’s Lesson

Tuesday, May 11th, 2004

🙂 Last night we had a bible study at a friend’s house. The topic was based on Rev 3:18 and the Laodicean church. The passage talks about buying from God gold tried in the fire, obtaining garments to cover our nakedness and to receive eye salve so that we may see. All good things to get but how?

From other lessons it became obvious that the only way to receive these things was to go into prayer, praise and worship. It is not that the actions themselves will pass on these blessings. These activities can be done on automatic without engaging your spirit. What is important is to bring your spirit into these activities looking with your spiritual senses to see Jesus. It is as we face Jesus in the heavenly realm that the Spirit of God begins to open the eyes of we who seek Jesus and through his priesthood our Father God. While engaged in this activity the Spirit changes us and prepares for us to receive the blessings and more importantly he changes us to be more like Jesus in heart and mind.

The Father is looking for those who will worship him in spirit and in truth. If we take the time in prayer, praise and worship, the Spirit will do its work in us and through us. The Spirit will prepare us to be the bride of Christ for when Jesus returns.

As with all people, the only answer is to spend time with God: individually and corporately.

Spin Spin and Spin Again

Monday, May 10th, 2004

:O So Rumsfeld gave testimony before the Senate and the House. Listened to all six hours. Finally got all the answers I was hoping to find. From what I received he did the best job that he could under the conditions he found himself in. Perhaps now congress can pass a special law when it comes to war crimes and give the ability to open a file under investigation without breaking the command line influence regulations. After all, that was, is and is going to be the problem for future secretaries. Perhaps an omsbudsman of some kind? Someone outside the chain of command who can look to find incidents like prisoner of war abuse and pass it to the higher ups before it can cause political problems as there are today.

🙁 Spin… I listened to the first news reports that were released by the press in the US and Canada. What was reported took literary license to what the testimony actually was. Ok that is not too bad. What I did find sad was the downplaying of the process that is part of the problem. The down playing of the time-line was also a great dis-service.

:angry: Spin… Then came the politicians who are trying to paint Rumsfeld in the worse light possible and then trying to stain the President with the same tarnished brush. Truth seems to be always missing in these attacks.

:crazy: Spin Again… the news agencies then pick up these political droppings as jewels of truth and pass on the errors, misconceptions and lies as news. What of the man and woman on the street have to say over this? Depends on when they came into the loop. If they heard the testimony they should be a bit miffed that facts are becoming the first casualties of this new attack against the White House. Those who pick up the news last will be incensed by Rumsfeld’s supposed failure to handle the situation before it became known.

:satisfied: Well. politics is politics and truth is in the eye of the beholder. Someday truth will not be in the eye of the beholder, it will be shouted from the rooftops, it will be declared from Mount Zion. Someday the true judge will visit the earth and only then can there be an honest expection of truth with facts as their foundation. In the meanwhile, I look ahead to those days when Jesus will rule from Jerusalem. Until then… I bite my tongue and rest in the hope that in the end God wins.

Prayer Request for My Father

Wednesday, May 5th, 2004

🙁 I would like you to pray for my father, Fred, who has been in the hospital for the past four days. He has pneumonia and is in isolation. Although he appears to be doing well the bug is stubborn and is taking its time to clear his lungs. It appears to be a recurring problem. Pray that he recovers and that the bug is finally cleared completely from his body. Many thanks…

🙂 My Father has been released from the hospital. I want to thank those who took the time to pray. God bless you all.