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Fear Silencing Dissent

Tuesday, August 16th, 2011

Fear Silencing Dissent

Recently Sun News Media did an interview with Margie Gillis. See my last blog entry: about my thoughts on the interview. What worries me is the actions taken by some members of the arts community and their supporters. They have sent in complaints to the CRTC (Canadian Radio-Television Telecommunication Commission) and the CBSC (Canadian Broadcast Standards Council) to try and muzzle The Sun News Network. Perhaps even get them to loose their licence. This is no different than people or organizations using the Human Rights Committees to attack people with whom they disagree.

Why am I concerned? Simply put, I worry that I may say something that would offend an individual or group and the heavy fist of government would take aim to smash me. I am not rich but on a Canada Disability Pension. If I have to procure the services of a lawyer to defend myself against an accusation it would ruin me and my wife. It would not matter if the accusation was unfounded. The process itself would destroy us simply by starting. Unless of course I pay a fine to the government and damages to the aggrieved party before the process goes too far. I have heard that many take this option because it is cheaper than fighting. The little guy with a blog is never the winner once the machinery starts to grind.

Do I write things that offend? It is hard to write something that wouldn’t offend someone, somewhere at some point in time. After I write I check my spelling. I check my grammar. I then spend more time trying to make my written offering as least offensive as I can while still trying to get the message across. I would do this without the threat that hangs over all who dare to express a politically incorrect opinion. Yet the threat is there! Sometimes I bite my tongue, I close the authoring program, I stay silent lest I should offend.

Why go silent? Fear! I would like to think that we live in a society that encourages discussion between differing ideas. I would be wrong. The freedom to dissent has been slowly eroding away for decades. How many pastors are afraid to take a firm stand on the issue of homosexuality? Politicians to speak about the potential dangers of Political Islam? Others to raise a voice on some hot political issue? Fear to be singled out. Fear to be ridiculed. Fear to be labelled as intolerant: Homophobic, Islamaphobic or any other mis-characterising label. The fear you might lose your ability (your right?) to express ideas through the internet, radio, television or print media. To lose your limited wealth. To lose your physical freedom.

Hate Speech? I am not talking about a “freedom” to incite hatred for an individual or a group, whoever they are, and seek to do them harm. That should never be allowed. Yet we must be able to express ideas and opinions that may incite anger in others. There can be anger toward the speaker/writer who offends the listener or anger towards a group who are the subject of that speech. Being angry with a person or group is not the same thing as hating that person or group. If something offends then perhaps that something should change. The things that anger some will never have a chance to change if we are too afraid to voice our concerns.

Are we sheep? We must not offend. We must be nice. That seems to be the mantra on the lips of those who are afraid to speak out. It is also on the lips of those who would silence dissent. What then arises from all this false peace? Bondage, of our thoughts, ideas and dreams. The way of truth will be lost in our journey of appeasement. We will lose our right to speak in schools, societies, churches/temples/synagogues and government… or the street corner. Too one degree or another it has already occurred. If we lose the freedom to speak the truth, no matter how distasteful the subject, then we will lose everything. Only those who truly hate will then speak. They will speak whether allowed or not. They will gain power. Those who would enslave us will stand un-opposed. The false shepherds will lead the flock to the slaughter.

Nice sheep… Quiet sheep… Dead sheep!

I want to quote the last verse of a poem I wrote:

Silently my soul bristles within
for common sense is replaced by false reason.
Satan’s laughter rings in the halls of power
as the errors are visited on this generation.
Where now are the voices of reason and insight
to call a people to repentance and prayer?
While it’s still day, before the waning light,
stand, stand, stand against the night!


Friday, June 3rd, 2011


The human remains, in the earth?
The human remains in the earth!
A new creature rises to eternity,
A new creation… to victory.

The Unknown Soldier(s) in my life

Monday, April 16th, 2007

I do not walk alone
For silent witnesses
Watching over my life
Lift my name to the King
Interceding before His throne
For this struggling soul.

In a valley,
Called depression,
I walk by His light
Burdened by a mind
Filled with troubles
But not bowed down.

As time passes
A warrior perishes.
My struggles increase.
I walk in a rift
And question the struggle
With thoughts unbearable.

He will not leave me
To stand alone,
Another Saint bidden,
To take on the task,
Of raising voice
To aid my soul.

Then once again
I climb from the pit
And raise my eyes
To my gracious Father
For raising another
Unknown Soldier.