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at our resurrection

Thursday, September 29th, 2005

When Does Full Sanctification Take Place?

When this mortal shall put on immortality. When we see Jesus as he sees us (face to face).

There will be no greater level of sanctification after that point for we would have arrived at our destiny. It is totally the act of God.

In life however there are times when God sets us apart (sanctifies us) to join him in some work or calling. When we walk in that calling he sanctifies us (cleansing our thoughts and motives) so that we can become more suited to carry out the work. In our daily walk he cleanses our thoughts and heart, during and after reading the word, in all areas of our life outside of our calling.


Second Coming of spiritual gifts

Tuesday, September 27th, 2005

Personally I believe the office of apostle is being done by missionaries. It is simply a name change. I will admit though, that the diminishing of the spiritual gifts has weakened the work of the apostle/missionary.

The office of prophet has also suffered because of the diminishing of the spiritual gifts. Though the office of prophet seemed to disappear the work of the prophet did not. They just were not called prophets.

The “second coming” of the spiritual gifts at the beginning of the last century has opened the door for these offices to come back with power. There needs to be constant use of discerning of spirits to make sure we are dealing with the real article and not some falsehood perpetrated by con men and/or our spiritual enemy.


Ironmen of Crossfire

Sunday, September 18th, 2005

In my church we have group called “Ironmen of Crossfire”. Crossfire is the name of our church. I attended my first regular meeting on Saturday. A member of our congregation, Jocelyn, is running the new program. He talked about what it takes to be a servant-leader. He did a good presentation. He also offered material to take home. I mention this in case some men from my church read this post. I encourage them to come to the meetings. They are at 8:00 am every Saturday. The location is the church.


One Path, Many Different Journeys

Tuesday, September 13th, 2005

We have the words and life of Jesus as passed down by the gospel writers. We have the words of the Apostles that give insight to the church as to how they were guided. We have the Holy Spirit who will take these words and guide us moment by moment, day by day, into the truth that leads to eternity and glory. There is only one path, and that path is narrow, but the journey is as individual as each person who calls Jesus Lord. Do we at times seem to be in disagreement? Yes. Yet we all follow the same Lord, just differently, as He meets each individual’s need. Need of the individual and the group dictate the walk they will have. They will see the truths they need to make it to the next step of their journey.


Worship Team Involvement

Thursday, September 8th, 2005

Last night I attended the start of the new session of the worship team. This was my first time attending. Twelve people showed up. We went through several songs of which I only new one. The session lasted for about 1 1/2 hours followed by a short prayer session. Overall it was too new to grasp. I did reasonably well for my first time, (I think?). Since there are only 2 sessions per month and we have the words and chords but not sheet music, it will be quite some time before I could even think to participate in a service.

The scripture says obedience is better than sacrifice…
The Spirit has lead me, in this case, to do both…
Go figure…



Friday, September 2nd, 2005

I believe that OSAS (Once Saved Always Saved) is a happy fiction based on some scriptures.
I believe OSLA (One Sin Lost Again) is an unhappy fiction based on some scriptures.

I believe in the wonder of grace and a walk with God. Just a lump of clay on the potter’s wheel. What shall I be in the end? Depends on how well I yield myself to his hands. A vessel of honour or a vessel of dishonour? Good question.