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Another Long Silence

Monday, December 5th, 2011

Have you missed my posting to my blog. So have I, yet I guess it should come as no surprise to those who know me. Life throws curve balls. I was very disapointed when I lost access to SunNews TV. After listening to them I found it hard to get back to listening to CNN, CBC and the other news networks. They love to withhold vital information from the more contentious things they cover. Information that helps put things into perspective. So I left commenting on the news because I couldn’t trust the news service. Then a family member is injured and I find that trying to help them is straining my body. Does that mean I am out of shape… duh! I am also having other physical problems that make life a little hard to handle.

Soooo… am I feeling sorry for myself? Not really. You learn to live within your limitations. Yet the real problem isn’t physical… nor emotional… nor mental… though they all play a part. Nope, the real problem is a disconnect between me and God. A person like myself is dependant upon the grace of God. Little by little I have been letting the silence between us grow. He whispers to me on occasion and I let life’s problems get in the way. Funny thing is, I have never moved forward, never improved and nothing ever changes to the good, until I begin to acknowledge those whispers. He is faithful and I am just starting to listen again, to answer again.

Another long silence is beginning to break. Not just between me and my Lord but between me and you and those others, strangers and friends, who have the patience to put up with me. For now… ‘nough said.