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The Life Recovery Bible

Tuesday, May 18th, 2010

In our Recovery Group we use “The Life Recovery Bible” for our study purposes. I just finished reading through the biblical text. It uses a copy of the “New Living Translation.” It is from Tyndale House Publishers, Inc. Of course if you were to go out and buy a copy today it will use a different translation, though I don’t know the version at this time.

It is a special book designed for twelve step programs. Besides a bible it also has copious amounts of comments at the bottom of the page. Actually there are more comments than biblical text. At the back of the book is a large topical index. What else?

Recovery profiles on the main characters of the bible.
Twelve step devotionals.
Recovery Principle Devotionals.
Serenity Prayer Devotionals.
Recovery Reflections.

Suffice it to say there is so much material it would take a long time to work your way through this book taking the time to do it properly. I may be able to start attending the group out of “Crossfire Assembly” on King St W in Hamilton Ontario.

Now as for the particular translation. I believe it would be a good bible for those who have a grade ten education or better. As with all translations it comes in its own flavour. If it were say, ice cream, something green that tastes minty and has a few crushed nuts sprinkled throughout. Overall it meets its purpose for being an easy read though it does take certain liberties in translation. Of course some would call it a transliteration.

As for a general purpose bible? No, there are more bibles, even “New Living Translations”, that would be better for the average reader. If however you are working in a recovery group… trying to overcome compulsive/obsessive/addictive behaviour… this book is a real gem.