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The Shrinking World

Monday, September 7th, 2009

Am I talking about how communication networks are shrinking the world? How we can get news from the furthest most isolated corners of the earth in real-time? Nope!

If you read my last two posts you would know that I am having a problem with injuries and illness. Ah, and not the lack of them. No, the ever increasing abundance. Yep, caught in that ever dwindling spiral (of health) and in that spiral my world is getting smaller… by choice unintended. You know, you don’t have to work at being isolated, it comes naturally, a disconnect that you don’t even know is happening.

It is said that no man is an island. I beg to differ. One can certainly be an island. The choice he is faced with is whether he invites anyone over to his island or perhaps visits others on their island or community. What I find peculiar with my shrinking world is that when I become aware that it is smaller this day than the last time I looked it doesn’t bother me. I guess that is what depression is about. Funny though, I don’t feel depressed… I just have all the marks of being that way.

So why do I bring this up once again? Who knows. Perhaps I am like a man that sends up a flare and doesn’t expect anyone to see it. I do it because it is one of the last pieces of community life left to me. Yet this avenue too is dwindling… by choice unintended. Unintended? It doesn’t even come to my mind not to write here… I simply don’t write… don’t think… don’t…

Hm-mm… am I reaching out for sympathy… for help… for understanding… Nope! Just sending up that flare and turning away even before I look to see if someone responds. Perhaps in a week or two I’ll send up another. Til then? Walk with God… both you and I.