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Silence Continues… or not!

Monday, September 2nd, 2013

How often will I visit this site and leave without leaving new input. Not that I haven’t had things to say. Many times I wanted to write about the events that are facing us. It just doesn’t seem right to begin anew with something so negative… even though it is a negative world we happen to be living in at the time.

Muslim extremists burning churches harkens back to the days in Hitler’s Germany when Krystal night opened the doors of hatred in men’s hearts to destroy the synagogues, businesses, homes and bodies of Jewish believers. Now this hatred is being aimed a Christians in Egypt. One night and a hundred churches are torched to the ground. Many businesses and cars were destroyed and people beaten with impunity. Nuns were corralled like cattle. Nazis and the Muslim Brotherhood (emphasis on hood) were and are being motivated by the same spirit of rebellion called the devil and Satan. There were Germans who were shocked by the violence and were too scared to resist this evil. There are Muslims who are also shocked by the violence and are too scared to resist their evil. What we have learned is that those who are too scared to fight evil in the beginning will suffer even greater when the power, held by evil men, becomes absolute. Germany and its population were decimated by internal policies and external wars. Egypt is in the midst of this beginning of woes. Only the brave, kind hearted people of Egypt, can avert the looming disaster by standing up to this evil.