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Earthquake? Earthquake!

Wednesday, June 23rd, 2010

So I was just finishing sending an email to Netfirms complaining about my stats not being registered/counted correctly. Hit send. Then the desk and computer started shaking. The leaves of the plants in the office were moving but the window was closed. The cat came running into the room with a very strange look on her face. Five, perhaps ten seconds of confusion. Was it an earthquake? Big truck coming down the road? My house foundation giving away?

I went outside to confer with the neighbours. Not a soul in site. Perhaps it is a truck or the house? Then one neighbour appeared. Nothing she says. Waiting a few more seconds and lo! People started to appear at their doors like turtles popping their heads out for a look. Yep, everyone’s house did the shimmy shimmy shake. Well, except for my next door neighbour. Haven’t felt a tremor in over ten years. A bit exciting. Oh! I forgot to stand in the doorway. Too busy looking at everything moving on its own.

So it will be in the news. Probably centered somewhere south-south-west of my home. That would be the Pennsylvania/Ohio border area. Guess I’ll find that out the news tonight.

You read it here first! Well, if you read nothing else, or watch TV or listen to the radio or have a neighbour. Still, perhaps someone read it here first. I know I did. 😉

WordPress 3.0

Thursday, June 17th, 2010

A major update for wordpress. Looks a bit different. I just hope that some of the bug fixes are the ones that annoy me. I like the new standard screen, a man walking in the country. Ah, I only wish I could do that. Page loads wide though. Ah, what the heck, need some changes and if my life refuses to change then at least my blog can.


So as you can guess I went back to my old format for wordpress. I guess in the end I like the familiar more than the novelty. Plus a few items in the side column were missing. So I guess my blog stays the same… I am the one who needs to change.

$2,000,000 Lake?

Tuesday, June 8th, 2010

I hate the waste that the government believes is necessary for a good time. A little pride in showing off big ticket items. The conservative(?) government spends two million to create an artificial lake that will be gone after the summit. What a terrific waste. No wonder the other parties are up in arms over this flagrant waste of our hard earned money.

Oh, one minute, it is a promotional exhibit showing the tens of thousands of people attending the summit what a little bit of Canada looks like. May help tourism? Perhaps… but $2,000,000 for a lake? Well, the $2,000,000 is for the entire display.They are showcasing other parts of Canada as well with that money. Still, the cost for the lake (to reflect our cottage country) cost $200,000 of that $2,000,000. That’s not bad but it is still $200,000. Well, that was for the entire cost of the cottage country display. The lake? It was only $57,000 of that cost. Hmmm… overall that doesn’t seem to be such a huge expense when you are advertising a country as large and as diverse as ours.

So the other parties are crying over the $2,000,000 lake that cost actually only $57,000. They are in an uproar because of the one fifth of one percent of the cost for the entire cost of the summit. And the lake is only one thirtieth of that $2,000,000. Wow, did they fool me into thinking this was a huge waste of money for this lake. If the biggest problem the other parties have with the cost of the summit is that small, tiny, little insignificant part that went to promote Canadian tourism… then they should be quiet.

I thought it was supposed to reflect a flagrant waste of money with no purpose behind it. Turns out to be a fair advertisement of what Canada has to offer vacationers. This is a non-issue. Just what the other parties seem to excel at.