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Site was Hacked and Suspended

Saturday, October 19th, 2013

Dear readers, What a mess! A few days ago I visited my site. Then I clicked the link to bring me to my blog. AVG, the virus checker I have on my computer, popped open a window that told me I could not access my “A Christian Viewpoint” page. It informed me that there was a piece of malware (JS/HiddenLink.b) on my main blog page. All of my WordPress was knocked out. You would not have known that if you visited my site in the past month, unless you also are running a virus check program. I contacted my host company and they confirmed that my site had been hacked and the malware is present in WordPress. Netfirms, my website provider shut down my entire site for two days.

It is now up and running. The malware has been removed. Even better, I did not lose any of my WordPress content. I would like to thank Sitelock for going into my site and correcting the problem. I could not have done it myself and save the content. It came at a price but it was worth it. Now I have Sitelock checking my site everyday to make sure my site stays clean.

Whew, that was a close one.

Ps: I had some choice thoughts over the guy or gal that did the hacking. Why this evil I don’t know. It is a bit hard to pray for the attacker. I can only hope that the one who pierced my site will be saved by the one who was pierced for us all.