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A nice blog to visit

Friday, April 23rd, 2004

🙂 A couple of days ago I was doing a search engine check on my web name “ChristianMuse”. I saw a new addition to the regular listings. I dropped over to her site and was delighted by what I found. I left her a comment and she had the grace to write back and ask if she was infringing on my name. That my friends is thoughtful. As a web name, I said go ahead and use it. What is even nicer, she put a link on her blog to my site. Thanks Rita. Here is her url…

Home Meeting

Friday, April 16th, 2004

🙂 It has been a little quiet on the site over the last three weeks. What has been happening is that I have become involved in a home meeting at a friends house. It is still in the discovery phase as people are seeking the face of the Lord to get direction. I have given a couple of lessons. My first thought was that I would be able to write shortened versions for the net. It became apparent very quickly that the lessons were dynamic and specific for the people who are gathering at my friends home. I will be going back to what I started a couple of months ago and write commentaries on passages of the bible. These subjects are being taken from the “Daily Read” section of the site.