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Job of the bible and Mother Theresa of Calcutta

Wednesday, January 30th, 2008

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I like to think that mother Theresa was the “Job” of our age. Perhaps a better example than Job himself because we have such a better covenant than he did.

Job didn’t know why he was afflicted the way he was. Family, riches and health taken away from him. Sure there came a point where he complained alot… but he never lost faith in God. Just stubbornly wanted an answer as to why he was being afflicted.

Along came his friends and chapter after chapter of reasoned thought and counterpoint arguments. Never got him anywhere… just as Theresa went through letter after letter with priests or pastors. It is hard during those times to hold onto faith… with your friends and colleagues reasoning away… yet when the testing is over the reward is so much greater.

In the end Job got his humbling answer and repented and became a better man. In the end Theresa, always humble, found a deeper relationship with the Lord.

It is like the scripture reference… when things go well the plant will spread out quickly over the land. Yet when persecution or hardship comes it withers. God is as interested or perhaps more interested in depth of character not just abundance… and that only comes through hardtimes and struggles. Job and Theresa both came out stronger after their time of separation.

We can only pray that we have the staying power of a Job and the humility of a Theresa.

Backyard Dinosaurs

Monday, January 21st, 2008

I was looking out the back window of the sun-room this morning. The birds in the backyard were hoping around looking for seeds or bugs to eat. I have seen this scene a thousand times. I thought back to a special I saw on television where one professor of paleantology said that he believes that birds are the direct descendents of dinosaurs. As I watched the birds I thought to myself who are you related to. It must have been a grazer. Then I thought… whatever happened to the meat eaters of the group. Then we had an unexpected visitor. A young peregrin falcon attacked one of the grazers.

Feasting Falcon

The falcon pinned its prey with its large talons. In time the prey simply succumbed to the abuse of the falcon. It was strange to see the death of this bird. Even stranger to see the killing and feeding practice. It’s one thing to see it on a nature program… quite another to see it acting out in front of the window.

I wish I didn’t have a screen in the window. I would have liked a better photo to remember this wild kingdom moment. Backyard dinosaurs… who’d a thunk it!

Democratic Michigan Primary

Friday, January 18th, 2008

I love U.S. politics. I remember back to the presidential election of 2000. Bush was elected by a slim margin. In fact it was so slim that Gore contested the results. I remember the hanging chads debate. Voters being blocked from voting. Polling stations closing early. The mantra that the democrats cried was “every vote counts.” The Supreme court let things settle as declared. The ballots with chads were all later counted by an independent group of journalists and Bush still had the slim majority. Despite their best efforts of the democrats the results were true.

Then came 2004 and the democrats were wailing their new swan song of every vote counts. Over and over again, ad nauseum. You get the feeling they really do fight for democracy and every vote being counted.

Now the 2008 democratic Michigan Primary. Every state wanted to feel important in the selection of their next presedential candidate. Several states decided that they were going to break with tradition and have their primaries earlier than they had in the past. In Michigan this broke with party rules.

Here we have the democratic party saying to their own people that unless you play by the rules your vote will counted… BUT… you will not be assigned any delegates to the convention. When it comes to choosing a delegate to represent the party in the presedential run for office, Michigan’s voice will be absent because every vote they cast last Tuesday does not count.

Seems it doesn’t matter what the people of Michigan want… if the federal party says no… they are disenfranchised. The very thing that the democrats desperately tried to lay at the feet of Bush for his two victorious runs for office.

None of this comes as a surprise to me. They squeal and shout and complain but their words are meaningless. Hillary, whom I do not like, won the hollow victory. She received 50%+ of the vote. Of course all the other major candidates withdrew their names from the ballot so the next large block of votes, 40%+, went to “none of the above.”

I guess Hillary was so desperate for a win that she thumbed her nose at the federal party and ran basically un-opposed. And she did that to get no delegates. Her election team says that she can bring the country together again. She can’t play fair and nice within her own party. How on earth can she reach the country.

U.S. Politics… I love it.

First Post of the New Year

Wednesday, January 9th, 2008

I would like to thank all those who participated in Linda’s Birthday Eve celebration this past week. It was a memorable occasion.

As for today, I look out my window and the sun is shinning in its strength. Sunlight enters the eye and a little bit of serotonin is made in the brain. Ah, that was a nice feeling while it lasted. Also stood in front of the office window, barechested, the sun striking my skin and lo, a bit of vitamin D is created. It rushes through my body and I feel a bone somewhere getting stronger. Hmmm… these two things may be small but I need all the help I can get.

Goodness, a celebration of life and two health benefits… what a wonderful start to the year. Hope the start of your year was even more memorable and beneficial.