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Freedom of Thought

Wednesday, June 25th, 2008

A few weeks ago I was listening to a TV program from Canada Christian College. The topic for the evening was a discussion on the movie “Expelled: no intelligence allowed” starring Ben Stein. They were talking about the hypocrasy of the education establishment that supports freedom of thought… intellectual inquiry… scientific research… yet at the same time automatically throw out any idea of intelligent design or even its discussion.

The scientific community now suffers from the same narrow-mindedness that was once heaped upon the Christian who believed in the biblical creation account. Christians on a whole have grown in their understanding of science by embracing scientific discovery. Yet today the scientific community… actually those who fund them… will not tolerate a different point of view. Intelligent design does open the door to further discussion and further exploration life.

Sadly, the scientific community has become so narrow minded that they are impeding the progress of discovery. They must bend themselves so far that they end up looking up a dark tunnel expecting to find the truth. They should stand up straight and look about the grand universe God has given us. Solomon said that it is the task of man to understand the world around them. That takes ideas and differing views. Science seems to have forgotten that.

Here is an image of the modern science teacher in a university seeking the origins of life…

 scientific tunnel vision

I’m Back????

Friday, June 20th, 2008

This has been the strangest 24 hrs on my website. I upgraded my WordPress blog and then couldn’t get it to work. Tried all kinds of things… no luck. Today I came back and nada… not a thing. So I decided to take a drastic step and dump the database and see if I can re-install. Then somehow, someway, something happened and I got my site back… upgraded and ready to go with the database intact. Mysterious happenings…

So, thanks for your patience.