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Iraq’s proposed constitution

Tuesday, July 26th, 2005

I listened to today’s 700 club program. They reported that the proposed constitution of Iraq has a legal clause that can send back jurisprudence to the dark ages. Roughly, that the law of the land will be Islamic and that any law (national or international) that contradicts the Islamic law will be of no effect. It is a statement that Sharia law could very well be the law of the land. Depending on the judge who hears the complaint, women could loose the right to vote, a muslim accepting Jesus as Lord can be executed, and religious minority rights could be greatly curtailed. The list goes on. It is one thing for a nation to pass various laws from time to time. To have any proposals that go against Islamic tradition be redendered of no standing constrains the will of the people. A nation is only as great as it protects the rights of the minority in their society. If this clause remains religious intolerance will be the way of the land.

I find it funny that there are so many countries in the world who are signatories to the United Nations and yet their laws and government are directly opposed to the charter. This tower of Babel doesn’t even have the integrity of being honest to its principles.


Philosophical club? No, a witness!

Saturday, July 16th, 2005

Too many people think of Christianity as a philosophy. The church is where the club meets and expresses itself in various activities. Too many people do not realize that there are eternal consequences for sin. Too many do not understand the nature of man. Too many think that there are many paths to the truth. Too many are going to be lost. The gospel is a witness to people about these truths. It is not whether they all will accept it. Nor is it that few will believe. It is the call to the world to repent. It is the prophetic message. And few there be that find it.


Racism, America and the Spirit of Babylon

Thursday, July 7th, 2005

Racism is a fact of life. It is part of the natural condition of man today… (remember the tower of Babel and what God did). Various religions have stepped up to the plate to bring an equality of man. Christianity in general and individual Christians specifically have been at the forefront of change.

Have there been abuses? Of course there were. Have things been getting better in Christian nations? Of course they are. If you were to look at world history it would be noticed that the US is more of a shinning example of a nation doing good than most of the rest of the nations of the world.

How can I say this? Look to Darfur… to other nations which have commited the mass murder of millions. The tyranny in Afghanistan by the Taliban and others. The racism and religious intolerance in the middle east. etc… All this in this century alone.

There is a problem, a lack of forgiveness. Yet even in this the US is a shinning example. Look to the world. Look to history. Some need the plank to be removed from their eyes. Still, Christ needs to be living in the hearts of more Americans to continue the process of spiritual renewal. Specially at this time when the spirit of Babylon is trying to exert an ever increasing influence over the nations of the west.

What about the spirit of Babylon, the tower of Babel? This statement refers to the initial Babylon, where mankind conspired to build a tower to heaven and to keep the world united as one. It is to this spirit that the Lord descended to confuse the language of the people so that they would fulfill the directive of God. (a side affect of this action may be the racism that has resulted in the world.)

When I refer to the spirit of Babylon it is this same motivation to bring the world together as one. The United Nations is the current incarnation of this thought. It is in the nations of the west that this ideal has been the strongest. It has nothing to do with terrorism, war or enslavement. It does have everything to do with mankind, through its own “goodness”, to bring peace, harmony, and oneness to the world. It is an anti-Christian philosophy. This is a more recent development in the world.