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Our Cat…

Monday, April 17th, 2006

BB… that was her name. She was a bundle of energy and had attitude. A unique little creature unlike most cats that we have owned in the past. My wife would have a shower and then BB would go in and lay in the puddle that was left for her bath. My wife would eat breakfast and BB would wait for her treat at her feet. I would lay on the floor for my daily back exercises and BB would come lay beside me and do her stretches. BB was always at the door waiting for Linda or I to come home. Then when we came through the door she would walk away and sit in another doorway with her back to us, ignoring our call to her. If I were to sit up in my easy chair she would come to get her ear scatched. During the evening BB would climb up onto my wife’s chair so she could get her chin scratched. Never would she sit on my wife’s lap… but she would climbed onto the back of her chair and lay around my wife’s head. And lastly, late at night, BB would come up to the bedroom and lay next to my wife so she could get lovingly stroked. This has been going on for seventeen years. She was about two when we got her.

Last thursday BB died. Old age… Cancer… and a tender vet exame that was too much for her frail body. She died at home unable to leave her carrying cage.

Those of you with pets of many years will know of the heartbreak that follows their death. The need to go through the grief stages. The house seems a little emptier now. What we have done everyday for close to two decades is now no longer needed to be done. We put away the toys and the dishes. We clean up the litter box and put it away. A tear wells up in the corner of the eye as we do this. As the days pass we are reminded time and again of our loss by the stray toy under the couch or a tuft of hair left on a pillow. A tear appears at each discovery. In time we will heal. For now…