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Angiogram… more?

Thursday, March 2nd, 2017

On Monday, the 6th of March, I am scheduled to undergo an angiogram at the General Hospital. That is the procedure where they send a hollow line into the heart. They will introduce a radio-active dye and to take pictures of my arteries. They are looking for obstructions to the flow of blood. Depending on what they find they may do an angioplasty where they insert a stent into the obstructed artery and by balloon open the artery and leave the stent behind to keep it open.

I have some concerns about the procedure. Like times before I do not want to undergo anything in a hospital without a prayer covering. I would appreciate your prayers. That everything is done in a timely manner. That my body won’t be under the usual physical stresses that afflict me. That my blood pressure doesn’t cause the procedure to be cancelled. Pray that the arteries are open enough not to need a stent. That there will be no bleeding issues. And that I may be home the same day.

I go in at 9:00 am and when they are ready the procedure will begin. Pray that there will be no delays. I thank you in advance for your prayers.

God bless…

Joseph Raymond

Update: I would like to thank all those who prayed for me. Though the procedure was somewhat painful the results of the test were good. They saw some disease in the arteries of the heart but nothing needing any intervention at this time… no angioplasties needed. Phew… thank God… Amen!