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Creating my own Crossfire site.

Thursday, October 27th, 2005

Just thought I would drop in a line. I have been doing fairly well the last two weeks. I am thinking of adding another sub-section to my site that would be for my church. It may be password protected… or perhaps not… I am not sure how the layout is going to work. I could use a bit of prayer for guidance in this matter. I recently found out that Crossfire will be creating an official website and I don’t want to step on any toes when creating mine. It will certainly have to have a different purpose. Thanks in advance to those who will pray. If you are a church member and have some concerns drop me a line.


The Toronto Blessing

Friday, October 14th, 2005

My wife and I went with a friend to the Toronto Blessing. (I was going there because I felt the Lord asking me to go to the meeting. I asked him why? To sit and observe only, he said.) The three of us took our seats and the service began. Holy laughter, sobbing, roaring, and various degrees of enthusiasm. Praise, worship and speaking in tongues. Words of prophecy. It was a lively meeting.

Later in the evening I asked God what it was all about. Some of it was from God. Some of it was from the enemy. And of course, some of it was the flesh. Here is my understanding of what was going on.

Some people got together under the umbrella of the Vineyard Movement. God began to manifest his Spirit in the meetings. This was a fresh outpouring of God’s Spirit. The people became children in the eyes of God and acted accordingly. Laughing, crying, roaring like lions with all the exuberance and passion of children at play. This was wonderful. This was great. Eventually Satan wanted to stop it. He began to counterfeit what was going on to bring disgrace on the movement. Other people appeared to watch the show. Still others got carried away by their own flesh and reached earthly realms of mental ecstasy. It was a circus when I went yet I know that the hand of God was moving. With time I believed they would mature and the devil and the mentally aroused would be reigned in.

I haven’t been back since that time. Have they matured? I do not know. Yet God is still moving and the Blessing has moved to other countries. Hopefully with more maturity but with no less power to set free.


Copy and Coping – Holloween

Tuesday, October 4th, 2005

I remember an episode from the sci-fi show “Babylon 5” where one culture celebrated this type of holiday on one part of the ship. I don’t think too many people caught the significance that it was that planet’s Holloween.

As for the rightness of Christians celebrating this night? No, not really a good thing to do. Yet I know of many churches in Canada that have taken back the night and made it a time to remember the saints of old and have a fun celebration of our faith in a safe environment. Is this proper for a church to do? They feel it is. They take the profane and try to make it profitable for faith. More power to them for turning the night into light for that one evening.