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Christmas Eve… 09

Thursday, December 24th, 2009

This is the one special season that beats all others hands down. A last spurt of the mailman has filled our home with well wishers cards strung on string throughout our home. We already had three guests come to our home. Tonight we travel to meet old friends that has become a tradition on Christmas Eve. Tomorrow we have a guest and a turkey dinner to share. In the evening out to family and touch base with the extended family. Boxing day? More of the same. For one frenetic week we have guests and are guests. (of course Linda’s Christmas season begins on boxing day and then for the month of December the following year there is no peace ’til the last bow is tied and presents stored under the tree) The social calendar is full. A week of joy as we remember Santa in the minor and Jesus in the manger.

To all our friends and family that we will not be able to touch base with during this special season, we wish you all, a God blessed twelve days of Christmas.

Bell Canada Phone Sales

Tuesday, December 22nd, 2009

My gosh, seven calls from Bell Canada in the past two weeks asking me once again if I would like to sign up for their cell phone service. At the first call I ask to be put on the no call list. Eventually the calls slow down and stop. Until… the next time. Then once again the process begins… again and again… and again. OK, enough of this. I will write to Bell and complain to the higher ups. Oops, there is no place to lodge a complaint about this problem. You can complain about most everything else… but I couldn’t find a place to complain about sales practices. Ah, perhaps I didn’t look deep enough into the murky bowels of their website. I did find an email address at the end of the complaints resolution process. So I wrote to them. Here is a copy of what I sent them.

My name is Joseph Raymond. My wife, Linda, and I had been a loyal Bell Canada phone subscriber for over twenty five years. We were very pleased with the home phone service and the long distance program we had. Then about five or more years ago we began getting telephone calls to expand our services with you. For years I told whoever called that we were not interested and please stop calling us if the purpose of the call was sales. At times the person who called us would be a bit too belligerent. Eventually we thought we no longer had any recourse but to cancel our service with Bell and went to Primus for our phone and long distance needs.

Over these last few years we still get calls from Bell Canada sales representatives. I have asked many times to be placed on the no call list. After another 6-12 calls there would be peace, short-lived, and calls would resume once again. I have come to the point of hating these calls. I repeatedly ask to be placed on the no call list. When I ask to speak to a supervisor I get from some form of abuse to simply being told to wait on the line and then at some point they hang up on me without talking to me. These are extremely bad business practices.

I can guess that you have farmed out the sales contacts contracts to some company in India, judging from the accents, to take advantage of lower costs. However, if you lose long term customers because of the frequency, and sometimes abuse, of these sales calls I cannot see it being to your long term advantage. Perhaps you can do something about this problem. A no calls list should be honoured no matter where the sales calls originate if the company being represented is Canadian.

I am not the only one who is complaining. Others I know also complain yet at this time most haven’t done anything to stop it. Honestly, they don’t think anyone from Bell cares or would do something to correct the abuse. I am of the same opinion. Yet I write this email in the hopes of being proven wrong.

You never know, sometimes, someone listens and something gets done. I can only hope.

Because I Can

Monday, December 7th, 2009

Well here it is one week after my operation. Getting around a bit but still under a lot of activity restrictions. Oh my, and I so much want to vacuum and do some cleaning and go for long walks on cold days 😉

It has only been during the last two days I have been able to spend more than a few minutes sitting at the computer. Ah, bending at the waist, sitting upright, is so much more enjoyable. Not that I have anything in particular to write. Just to know I can. By January I will be able to drive the car. Might even be able to do something or go somewhere… I hope.

So am I writing to say something special? Nope! Like the commercial for Lotto 6/49… because I can.