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About Apotles

Sunday, February 25th, 2007

I always think of Apostles as those who go out and spread the word of God by laying down a strong foundation of the gospel message and then appointing leadershp to carry on the work… the other four ministries. It is also the duty of the apostle to visit sites previously started and to evalutate whether they are still in the faith (basic foundation) and to bring education or correction to those whom he has appointed to oversee the churches the apostle helped establish. There is a also a time when he should meet with other apostles and elders to evaluate all the works currently being done in the name of christ to ensure the truth continues to be spoken in love. At least that is my view on who they are and their responsibilities.

As Roy has written, the person must be humble above all else… fisrt to God… then to others. I am reminded that Moses is, after a fashion, an example of what an apostle should be. It takes a very humble man to stand before God to get direction. It takes an even humbler man to meet out discipline, with love for God first, a people (Israel) a close second, followed by individuals.

Paul came right out when his authority was challenged… he said not by their speech but by the power that came from their words. Paul’s apostleship would be proven by the power… signs and wonders, done at his command. For where the word is preached there is power following. Of course where a people are sensitive to God then that perfect witness within will confirm or deny that an “apostle” is from God.

Take your pick… the eternal witness (for the mature) or the power of God displayed among you (for the young in faith and the lost).

One further thought. When I am in a situation where a minister or ministry brings a bit of confusion, then prayer is a must until the Spirit gives insight to what is actually happening. Normally, there is a witness from God that I need to see beyond what my eyes perceive… I then enter into prayer until I can see with my spirit what is going on and/or what the truth is. Prayer is the key.

The Secret – Dr Beckwith

Friday, February 16th, 2007

I was channel surfing and came across the Oprah Winfried Show. She had two guests with her. One was named Dr Beckwith. They were discussing a book called The Secret. Intrigued I watched the show for about twenty minutes. What they described is no secret.

I have read several books; think and grow rich, positive thinking, etc. I have listened to spiritual swamis on PBS. I watched other enlightened speakers. These books and speakers may start from slightly different perspectives but all lead to the same core belief.

What you sow in the mental realm you will reap in the physical. As a man thinks so he is. Mental or spiritual imaging brings about the reality. What you are tapping into is; god, the universe, the force or some such concept. They seldom promote this as God but in a fashion they are creating, envisioning, a super-consciouness.

The ideas they promote are basic wisdom principles. After a fashion they do exist. Some, if not many, will be able to profit from the exercise of this wisdom. Understand though, that apart from the God of the bible, it profits nothing on the scale of eternity. It does, however, can very well lead to destruction on the scale of eternity.

The guests do not believe in “the final judgement”. They do not believe in a literal heaven or hell. From what I got from the program they do not believe in the substitutionary death of Jesus on the cross; to obtain salvation to all those who believe in Him and his work. It appears that the only sin is incorrect thinking (believing).

I am not writing that these men are intentionally leading people astray. The end result though may be people separated from God or people who will not be able to find God. It has truth but denies “The Truth”. Most people will never find “The Truth”. Yet the world can know this wisdom they preach and profit from it here on earth.

The devil doesn’t so much lie to people, but he certainly does miss-direct them with tasty morsels of “wisdom” devoid of that true “Wisdom” that comes from God.

These men and their followers are delving into the spiritual. There are eternal consequences. My suggestion is to stay clear from this way of thinking. Unless of course it is biblically based and you are being lead of the Spirit to put what the bible says into practice. Do not mix their philosophy with the teachings of the bible.


Groundhog Day – the movie and the past

Saturday, February 3rd, 2007

I watched groundhog day starring Bill Murray. The movies he makes can be a hit or a miss but never anything in-between. What one likes another hates. No middle ground.

I saw the movie a couple of years ago on tv. Though it was slow to start and it got a bit too repetitive, I found myself beginning to enjoy the movie. The struggle of coming to grips with his situation and how he adapted and finally won out was eventually enjoyable to watch. Not one of his best but certainly nowhere near his worse.

On groundhog day itself. Many years ago our family went to a park near here to see if we could spot a groundhog and observe what he would do. My younger brother though couldn’t leave things alone and tried to grab the groundhog. We never found out about the groundhog seeing his shadow because it bit my enthusiastic brother instead. I have no idea what that was supposed to mean. Sometimes weather “just bites”.