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Peace In Our Time? Again?

Sunday, November 10th, 2013


Peace in our time? Again? Is this what Kerry is trying to accomplish in the middle east? An Interim deal? A toothless wonder? I remember seeing the clip of Chamberlain arriving back in London just before the second world war broke out. Then too a peace agreement was signed. We know that Hitler had no intention of living up to the agreement not to seek war.

Does Rouhani really want peace? Absolutely not! He wants the sanctions lifted so that they can trade with the world and get the goods his people need. An infusion of cash would do nicely. It has taken years for the UN to get enough sanctions on Iran to finally make the leadership uncomfortable. Why the sanctions? The Iranians are trying to build a nuclear weapon. They want to use it against Israel… the West… the Sunni…

Do we let up on the sanctions for an empty promise on a piece of paper? Unless there are boots on the ground and they have the teeth to start dismantling the Iranians centrifuges no peace will be had. They were led by a madman and now a smiling fox. Yet the spirit behind Hitler is alive and well and standing firmly at Rouhani’s shoulder.

It is not enough to negotiate a deal. To obtain a promise. To hope. It is not enough to trust. As Reagan said, “Trust and Verify” the dismantling of their nuclear war program. Until then keep your powder dry and the sanctions in place.

Corelle Bowl Shattered

Thursday, August 25th, 2011

Once in awhile things happen that can surprise you. Yesterday I was surprised. Here is what I wrote to Corelle on their form.


Not a question. Just comment about your product.

My wife and I have been using your dishware products for almost 30 years. Normally they bounce if dropped. At times they may get a small chip in them. If they ever break you could depend on them to break into large manageable pieces. Which has occurred on several occasions over the years. My wife bought a small replacement set to help augment our ability to serve a couple of more guests. It also helps to replace the four pieces that have broke over the years. However yesterday, while doing the dishes one of the bowls slipped from my hand. It fell about three and a half feet to a linoleum floor. I was surprised when it shattered into well over a hundred pieces. Some flew as far as seven feet from the impact area. It must have been a fluke bowl. This was unexpected. Just thought you would like to know that this has happened.

The bowl came from a set that was white with a double green stripe. Fortunately we still have seven bowls of that size left.


Being in my stocking feet, covered with small shards, and glass everywhere was not pleasant. Luckily everything was cleaned up without a scratch… almost.

Pretty Bowl

Shattered Little Beauty

They did eventually send a reply:

Thank you for contacting World Kitchen LLC.

Although Corelle is made of an extremely durable glass called Vitrelle, known for its strength, it is not completely shatter/break proof. We do offer a 3 year warranty against breakage, chipping, and staining under normal household use. This warranty does not include any breakage from dropping since that is not considered normal household use.

For further assistance, please contact our Consumer Care Center at 800-999-3436. Representatives are available from 8am to 5pm Monday through Friday, EST, and will be more than happy to assist you.



World Kitchen Consumer Care Center

Warms the cockles of one’s heart… hah!

US Health Care Plan and the Lack of Job Growth

Wednesday, August 24th, 2011

The American economy suffered a setback as, Bush was about to leave office and it appeared that Obama was going to win the election. It started as a bank bust and many other banks had their necks on the chopping block. One TARP plan and the banks were saved. The US did not enter into a state of depression. Yet the collapse of the housing bubble continued and the country entered into a recession as, Bush left office and Obama took the reigns of power.

The plan worked out in this transition period, by both democrats and republicans, went into action. After so many job losses the bleeding eventually stopped, relatively speaking. More jobs were being created than jobs lost. However hope of a quick turn around was soon dead. Job growth was only about half of what was expected. It meant that the economy would take twice as long to recover, but it would recover.

Then came Obama Care. A health plan to insure all Americans. It was pushed through a Congress and a Senate that the democrats controlled. Even though most Americans rejected the plan, Obama covered his ears so he could not hear the outcry to stop. The following mid-term elections was a wake-up call to stop government growth, in size and spending, and a rejection of the health care plan. The wake-up call fell on deaf ears. The plan, the growth, the spending is going forward unabated. The result, a job growth so slow that it would take a decade or more to turn around. Even that assessment is too optimistic.

One would think that the problem of very slow job growth would be difficult, if not almost impossible, to turn around. Yet the collapse of the meagre job growth was not due to the increase in spending from the stimulus plans. The slow growth of jobs, reduced to a creep, came about from that single action taken by the government. That action, that act, was the passing of the health care plan. It is the great unknown facing every company, both small and large. How much red tape? How much will it cost the employer? How much will everyone’s cost for insurance increase, both business and personal?

It can’t be all the blame of the health care plan? Probably not. But with conditions the way they are, adding this huge unknown burden to business at this time, was a foolish step. The banks withhold money because of uncertainty. Businesses also are withholding jobs because of uncertainty. Nobody wants to buy… because of uncertainty. Look at the job creation stats. They were rising slowly prior to passage of the health care plan. After the health care plan passed and was signed into law the job growth stats levelled off. Sadly, the only reason the unemployment rate has levelled off is because people are falling off the grid. Kind of insane if you ask me. You measure the unemployment rate by those receiving benefits, and fail to include those who are still unemployed but no longer qualify to collect benefits. The unseen, not measured, blot on the economic picture.

Obama’s health care plan, and it is his plan with some modifications, is the major reason for the continuing problem of minimal job growth. Even a trillion dollars a year in increased spending can’t turn this young mule around. The roll of bureaucrats is increasing and miles of red tape are being prepared. Businesses fear two things: the cost of the program and the red tape that will accompany it. It isn’t the only thing that worries business, perhaps they could weather the storms of financial woes coming from overseas. They won’t be able to do that if they are tied down by greater expense and regulation at home.

It is the government minions trussing up the business Colossus. Remind you of anything?

a sketch of little people tying down the american economy

Wrapping with Care the Colossus

Ahem, Gulliver and the Lilliputians if you missed the reference.

Will “The Donald” Run for President

Saturday, April 9th, 2011
a sketch of donald trump with a duck's bill

So, are we talking about Donald Trump, financier, land tycoon, host of the Apprentice? Or are we talking about Donald Duck, that Disney character with the short fuse? I think of both of them as having the same nickname, “the Donald.” In real life or the cartoon, they are equals when it comes to temperament. I think it would be colorful if the answer to the post title is, “Yes, Trump will make a try for the Presidency.” He may even win the Republican nomination. It would be a highly entertaining primary season. Perhaps it can become a new reality show that will run over the course of the next two years. His catch phrase could be, “Your Impeached!” Too bad the other Donald couldn’t run for the Democrats. What a political season the U.S. would witness. On second thought, perhaps Barack Obama would do just as well as a lame duck Donald?

New Hope for Egypt?

Thursday, February 17th, 2011

muslim brotherhood seeking official party status

Egypt at this time has a secular constitution. How long will that last? People are already attempting to make changes. If others have their way it will become an Islamic republic. In such circumstances sharia law finds its way into the constitution and the end result is loss of freedom, beatings and death… specially among the non-Muslim minorities. Like Iraq and other countries Christians who can will flee oppression. The country would become weaker not stronger. I can only hope that the people of Egypt who want freedom, will remember their religious cousins, Jews and Christians, and recall that the Quran said to treat them with respect and dignity.

If the Islamic Brotherhood attains official party status…
If they eventually form the government…
What will rise in Egypt will be hate…
It is the nature of the beast.

Christmas Givers

Friday, December 24th, 2010

The first Christmas Giver was God our Father. The Gift? The Word of God become flesh. The Reason? To show the way to peace with God and make that way possible. Welcome Jesus!

The Second Christmas Giver was Saint Nicholas, bishop of the early church. The gift? Three small sacks of money. The Reason? Dowry for three daughters of a poor parishioner. Tenderly placed into their stockings, that were hung up by the fireplace with care to dry.

Another Christmas there was Santa Claus. The gift? Promises of gifts to all good boys or girls. The reason? A turn of the 20th century marketing ploy to increase year end sales.

And lastly? The real Santa Claus? The gift? Everything with a bottle of Coke to wash it all down. The reason? All things do go better with coke. Don’t be fooled. The real Santa has a coke in his right hand… always!

The Real Santa Claus

And Absolutely finally… Santa Clones. The gift? What actually gets put under the tree. The reason? Santa can’t get to the global market economy without help from parents.

So there you have it. A snapshot of Christmas. Just remember… without the first there would be no reason to celebrate this season.

Merry Christmas!

My First Car

Saturday, December 18th, 2010

I remember a time when I was two, about to turn three. I was sitting in my red car. The old type with the back and forth power peddles. When I pumped my plump little legs I could achieve a blistering pace. Almost, almost I could keep up with my dad walking down the street. Oh, blistering pace? If I kept it up my heels would blister. I was always striving to achieve a new land speed record. Never quite making it.

Then one day I equipped my car with a kinetic initiator drive. Wow! Such speed! Of course this kinetic initiator drive, K.I.D. for short, was my best friend and neighbour Ernest Greenwald. He would get behind my little red car and when I said go he would unleash massive power. The peddles by my feet would rattle so fast I would have to keep my feet off of them. I traveled for three hot rods. (For those of you not brought up in with the imperial measurement system that’s about fifteen meters in length.) An impressive distance for a drag race.

driving my first little car aided by a friend


Of course to be fair we would swap positions so both of us could share the thrill and excitement of high speed racing. Yup, white knuckled driving as we accelerated to almost three miles per hour. Again, that would be five kilometers per hour for the imperially challenged. Simple pleasures for simple times. It also was good practice for my first real car that needed a really big K.I.D. to push start the car.

Now I am older and drive a much better car. Yet sometimes I long for my first love. It just seemed to be so much grander.

Space travel goes Green

Thursday, October 28th, 2010
Tree cut to show an image of a rocket ship

The Royal Botanical Gardens goes green with their new Space Shuttle.

This shot was taken today at the RBG Arboretum in Hamilton Ontario. I did not read the plaque on the other side… I went with what it first appeared to me to be. In the last few years they have allowed artists to come in and “create” works of art with the materials on hand.

Back of the Bus?

Tuesday, October 26th, 2010

Recently Obama made a statement and this image popped into my head. The image?

back of the bus statement

Are you a republican? You can come for the ride but you gotta sit in the back of the bus.

What he said at a recent campaign rally was this:

“We don’t mind the republicans joining us. They can come for the ride, but they gotta sit in the back.”

Didn’t think I would hear such a statement from a sitting President, specially since it is a loaded statement for anyone of colour. Yep, Montgomery Alabama 1955.

Liberal Democrat vs The Tea Party

Tuesday, October 5th, 2010

Recently I was channel surfing and came across a CNN political discussion panel: the right and left plus a commentator and the program’s star. Back and forth I surfed between my program and the CNN discussion during commercials. What did the female liberal democrat say about The Tea Party?

Female Liberal Democrat Speaks Out

“I haven’t met a tea partier yet with half a brain.”

CNN… the most trusted name in news? More like silly entertainment themes hosted and populated by bullies who hate well thought out discussions or a dialogue to enlighten the mind. It does grow very tiring. The biggest abusers seem to be those on the left.