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Christmas… so close

Wednesday, December 24th, 2008

Ha! I wrote a Christmas post. I deleted it. Certainly couldn’t have been classed as cheery. I guess I really am putting off  “the old man” and adopting a new heart. So, too all my acquaintances, friends and family…

Merry Christmas 😉

It Must Be Spring

Tuesday, April 8th, 2008

Earlier this year I looked outside and saw that the sun was shinning. I turned on the TV and saw that the temperature was rather nice. I cracked open the door and sniffed the air outside. “Rather inviting”, I said to myself. No coat, no hat, I stepped through the door. Outside, boy did it look big. I walked down to the sidewalk. The sun shone with a brightness I haven’t experienced in months. Oh, too bright I thought. I dared not look down… I may see my shadow. I fought the urge to run back into the house. No, no, we don’t need another six weeks of winter. I walked a little further and said I can tolerate this quite well. I have no idea what Wiarton Willy did on groundhog day but this recluse stayed out.

That was a good sign then. Warmer weather on the way. Spring cleaning, specially outside, calls to me… clean me it whispers. Well, truth be told it was more like a nag. Now the true sign that spring has finally arrived isn’t the warm temperatures. It isn’t the sun shinning. The birds? The flowers? Etc? No, no, the true sign that spring was here happened last night. Linda and I got in the car and went for a drive. Was that it? Nope. It was when we got out to Hutches at the beach strip. We got out and walked. Ooohh, two rusty soldiers of life limbering up with their first walk together of the season. Didn’t go far but it was a start.

Yep, it must be spring.

Nephew Needs Prayer

Tuesday, March 25th, 2008

As some of you may know our nephew had a lung collapse on the weekend. They inserted a tube into his chest wall to take the air out so the lung could re-inflate. He was then sent home. On Monday morning he returned to the hospital to be evaluated. His lung was previously 20% collapsed. On the evalution he was found to have a 50% collapse. He was admitted to the hospital. He underwent a simple proceedure of having a machine hooked up to the tube coming from his chest and it sucked the air out. Now they are waiting until later today or Wednesday to see if the lung will remain inflated. If not then he will have to undergo surgery to repair the lung.

Your continued prayers would be appreciated until this event has run its course.

The Plan, The Crunch, The Reality

Monday, February 11th, 2008

Linda has been away on a cruise for a little over a week now. She is having a great time vacationing in the Caribbean and will be back tomorrow. I miss her and will be happy to have her back in the house.

Plan? Well, there were a lot of things I planned to do in the little world of my home while she was a away on the cruise: windows to be caulked, a good cleaning throughout the house, boxes to be moved and a few repairs. There were also some tasks to do outside, in the big world. Of course I do have a slight problem with procrastination. Don’t do today what could be done tomorrow. After a couple of days I settle into my new routine… I’ll do it tomorrow… tomorrow… hmmm… tomorrow… a little folding of the hands… a resting of the eyes…

Crunch! Today is the day of salvation… at least it is if I am to do anything that was on my list of “things to do.” Where did the time go? To everything there is a season, says Ecclesiastes… a time hustle and a time to bustle… sigh… no time now to rest. It will be a busy day, I hope. Right after I…

Reality?! Who am I kidding. Most of these things won’t get done. You know, when she goes on these trips, things seldom ever get done as I planned. Subconciously I take my own little vacation. It doesn’t involve leaving the house. I just rest. Oh, today will still be busy but not that busy. At least things will be a little better than when she left. Ha! I just have to make sure I do the visible things that she will notice right away.

Will I get away with it. Maybe not… certainly won’t if she ever starts reading my blog. Tomorrow, when we see each other in the airport, all these thoughts will pass away as we get caught up in that special moment. A big hug and a sweet kiss. Ah, the telling of her adventures as we eat at our favourite restauraunt.

 The following day things will be back to normal… less procrastination and more doing. Our vacations over. 😉