Another Little Nibble

So, I was watching TV and felt that I wanted to have a small little snack. Just something light to nibble on. Raising myself from my chair I travelled to the fridge. When you have done something thousands of times it becomes automatic. Standing in front of the fridge I doubt that my feet were more than a millimeter off from every other time I stood there. Hah, you could probably see the imprints of my feet in the floor from where I have so often stood to open the door.

Grasping the handle I swing the door open… yet as I opened the door it seemed to snag on something. Mind you, it didn’t prevent me from opening the door but it did impede its progress a little. So I closed the door and the same thing happened. Several times I did this, testing, trying to figure out what the problem could be. Was it the hinges beginning to seize up? Too much stuff in the door shelves? I couldn’t quite figure out what the door seemed to be snagging on.

After several more attempts I finally figured out what the problem was… my figure. As I was opening the door it swung out and touched my T-shirt. Oh well the T-shirt does fit rather snuggly these days. I didn’t think I ate that much for supper. Nor could it be the popcorn I ate later. Or the large bowl of icecream. Or the donut. The two cookies. The extra french fries. The glass of milk and the two peanutbutter crackers. Etc.

Now really, I only ate one little extra pound of TV fare yet the proof that I am eating too much was right there in front of me. Time to go on a diet? I guess I have to. If not it wouldn’t be long before I couldn’t open the fridge door at all. Funny, I must lose some weight so that I can continue to eat.

What a life.

3 Responses to “Another Little Nibble”

  1. patti says:

    Ah, you made me smile.

    Happy dieting Joe!

  2. Dougie_G says:

    That’s funny Joe! You could join your wife Saturday mornings!

  3. Weightloss says:

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