Love and Hate

Reprinting my comment from sheepdog’s blog

I love playing my guitar and I hate how my body aches when I do it. I open one of my christian song books and begin to play. I give voice to the words and hope springs into the light. The pain that comes is real but his presence makes rich. There is a time coming when there will be no more pain… only the joy will remain. What a wonderful day that will be.

4 Responses to “Love and Hate”

  1. Dougie_G says:

    Amen to that brother! I read a book called ” 90 minutes in heaven”. A true story. That book really helped me to understand what heaven is going to be like. I have the book if you want to read it. I can actually say in all honesty, I am looking forward to going there. I’m not afraid of dieing any more. I’ve always had this fear when I can’t get my breath. It’s a scary feeling when you can’t breath, you think you are going to die or something.
    All gone! The fear that is… not my breath.

  2. Dougie_G says:

    Oh! I forgot to mention. I live with someone who has chronic pain. So bad she can’t sleep very well. I feel so helpless sometimes because I can’t make it better. All I can do is pray. I hate to see others suffer. It breaks my heart. I’m sorry for your pain Joe. If I could, I would make it better in a second for you. All I can do is pray for you and hope God will heal and give you grace. All I can do is acknowledge where you are and be there with you in spirit, and I am.

  3. Joe says:

    I only know in part what she goes through. It amazes me that she bears with the disabilities with such a good heart that a smile for others is not very far off at any time. She is a trooper in the ranks of God’s army.

    I also thank you Dougie for your understanding of my problems and that you never judge but always extend grace.

  4. Dougie_G says:

    Thanks Joe. Never say never. I’m trying to change to be the type of person who does not judge the heart of others and extends grace in all situations. I have noticed a huge change in me. If you knew me 15 years ago, I dare say you probably wouldn’t like what you saw very much. I’m far from perfect, which is why I need you and others to be willing to extend grace to me when I fail. If we’re all doing that for each other, we should be stumbling forward in the right direction and/or remain standing at least.
    I agree with your post. I love it when you play your guitar and I hate it when your body aches too.