Church body of Christ / Church organization

The church is made up of those people who have accepted Jesus as Saviour and Lord of their life. The body of Christ is this church and the church is the body of Christ. It is a spiritual institution.

Believers have organized themselves into various expressions of the church. They can be highly organized or loosely affiliated. They are as small as two or three coming together in his name or as great as a billion+ people. These are the places (groups) where the saved and the unsaved gather together for fellowship. The saved and the unsaved have positions of authority within these organizations.

Not all who belong to a church organization are saved. There are saved in every church organization. There are those who are saved outside of any church organization. There are even false church organizations that have zero believers in the body of Christ.

It is the body of Christ that needs to come together and be as one with God. The organizations are not only made up of the body of Christ but also those who have no place in the body of Christ.

RCC, OC or any other manifestation of “church” have these things in common.


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