Anointing the sick with oil, who’s responsibility?

I lay my hands on the sick and sometimes they recover. Others I know do the same and it is a hit or miss exercise. HisGirl, talking about Mark, is correct in that laying of hands on the sick and they recovering is a sign of those who follow Jesus. That does not mean we are free to interpret James 5:14 to mean anyone can do it (anoint with oil). God imbues his authority into various people for ministry, government, etc… It is the ministry of the elders of the church to go and anoint the sick with oil and pray for their healing. They carry a special anointing given by God for this purpose. Can all pray and lay hands on the sick, yes. Can all anoint with oil and pray for healing, no. Will some who are not elders do it, yes. Is this God’s way, no. Thankfully the grace of God is great enough to overlook for a time our misuse of the word.


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