Hello, I'm a charismatic christian just new to the web. I have known, or should I say followed, the Lord for the last 19 years. I hope to present to you over the coming months who I am, what the Lord has given me, and how well I am proceeding with God's plan for my life. You may be able to join me on my new adventure. Suffice it to say for now, I am not what you would call a "regular" christian. And no, I am not a "holier than thou" type of guy. So as I learn to use this medium, drop by, and see what I have learned.

The Way Station

  1. Is the proposed name for a christian centre to be established in my community. I can at this time use your prayers to the effect that the proposal and mission of this centre will all be done in accordance with the will of God.
  2. An integral part of the ministry is to reach the lost and introduce them to our loving saviour, Jesus Christ, and to disciple them in the basics of a Christian walk with Him.
  3. The main focus of the ministry is to find those who are christians, regardless of denominational ties, and bring them together so that they may be able to network with others, so that they can receive help and encouragement to fulfill their ministry calling. Perhaps to discover that they have a ministry.

The main focus will be towards those who have not been able to exercise their ministry because of prejudice or past history. And no... this is not to build a church in the community, but rather to enhance the churches in the community.

30 July, 1998

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