Winter Hope

The sky is grey. The snow rests upon the land where it fell, undisturbed except for the tracks of a small bird, hopping about in search for food. The lifeless branches of the trees, bare, reach for the sky in hosanna like gestures to the God who created them. A cold dampness, heavy in the air, chills to the bone those who venture out of the protective walls of their homes. All these things are outside of my window today. They reflect the state of my soul, on this, my winter season.

I look forward with the hope of spring to come. When the freshness of new life will burst the bonds of this sleepy season of death to usher in the green buds that tell of the promise of life come true. It is into that time of hope that I project my thoughts, for the will to reach it is not within me.

Why so melancholy when the spirit of life is mine, within the heart?

For everything there is a time. For all things there is a season. This, my winter, is the time where the spirit, like the land outside, lies fallow. Yet this earth, my body, holds the seed of promise of good things to come. I have been through seasons in the past and I will go through other seasons in the future. What is important for me is not to lose that precious hope. To look forward for the promise of God with a faith, though that seed may seem small now, which waits to spring forth into new life once again with the Son's rising in my life.

The land outside my window rests. So do I.

With spring, the land will be refreshed to start the cycle of life again. I too wait for my spring, knowing the time will come when the cycle of life will be born anew within.

For those, who like me, are in their own winter season... rest without guilt. For you too will have the Son rise again in strength when in His time your spring will come. There is a time of work for the child of God. There is also a time of rest. Do not let the thief rob you. Take the seasons as they come and let God get the glory. When His Spirit begins to move give thanks and blossom once again.

Winter is but one of the seasons of life. Where there is the one the others will be also. With patience, hold on to the hope.

a letter from joe - Thursday, the 7th of March, 2002

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