Tolerance... is it always right?

If I were to say, "repent, everyone of you and believe the gospel, and you shall be saved." Is that being intolerant?

If I were to say "all who are not found written in the lamb's book of life will spend eternity in the lake of fire." Is that being judgmental?

For some saying that, perhaps. Yet I show my love for Christians and those of other religions by making the words of the bible known to them. To withhold information that could mean eternal life or death because it may offend shows I have my priorities set wrong. If I die because I speak the truth... I've still done my duty. If I live long by witholding the words of truth so as not to offend... I have failed.

Read the news feed about the Christians who are in jail in Taliban for speaking the words of the bible. They are fighting a death penalty for speaking about Jesus. They may die a martyr's death but they would have done their duty and will be received by a grateful God.

If the gospel offends then it is good... showing a difference between it and the world and its religions. The Jews did not receive Christ but crucified Him on the cross. The world since then has killed many of the true saints on every continent and in every age. Why then, through silence, validate the "truth(?)" of others so as not to offend... if the result is eternal loss at the judgment for them? Are you afraid to pay the price because you don't want to be seen as intolerant?

I will not force anyone to believe as I do. I will not seek their harm. I will not deny them what they need. Yet I will tell them what they believe is wrong and warn them that they are headed for the lake of fire. This is not being intolerant but kind.

Understanding that no one comes to the Father except the Spirit of God draws him/her, I realize then that my speaking the gospel may not result in anyone being saved. It will however result in helping the gospel to be proclaimed to every creature, which is the great commission.


If someone takes offense because I am an ill mannered bore... shame on me.

If someone takes offense because I stand and proclaim the bible... shame on them.

Religious tolerance/intolerance cuts both ways... though the weapon of choice may be different.

God bless those who can receive it...

bye for now....

Author: Joseph Raymond

Thursday, September 6th, 2001

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