Step #6 - To Become Willing - Alcoholics for Christ


  • Moderator - opening and closing remarks
  • Alice - doing the step
  • spiritual mind (Spiritual) - encouraging the step
  • carnal mind (Carnal) - discouraging the step


  • Chair for main character: Alice
  • Workbook - colour according to group focus: Alice
  • Plain brown paper shopping bag: Carnal
  • Colourful gift bag: Spiritual
    • big note inside: Are you willing to follow me?
    • big note inside: Follow me!

Opening Remarks:

Moderator (Robin?) explains the coming scene. That the person "Alice" is going to be doing step 6 of the program. That she will be followed by two other characters "Spiritual Mind" and "Carnal Mind". The interplay of the two minds while Alice struggles to get through the step. Plus any additional remarks to set up the play for the audience.


The chair is already positioned in the middle of the stage area. Alice walks to the chair, flanked by Spritual on her right (slightly back) and Carnal on her left (and slightly back). Spiritual is holding the colourful paper bag. Carnal is holding the brown paper bag. The outside colourful bag will represent the Holy Spirit. On the outside of the brown bag should be written the words: (works of the flesh). One side her sins, the other side sins against her and the side edge sins of others against others. The focus of the play is for Alice to become willing to choose the colourful bag. Inside the bags is inside the heart. Carnal's bag represents everything in the step 4 inventory listed under fruitlessness. Spiritual's bag represents all things under fruitfullness. Alice takes a seat. She opens up the workbook.

Alice: Dear Father in heaven, I come to you today. I want to get through step 6 of this workbook. I'm not sure how to do this. Can you please help me out. Amen.

Spiritual: I believe this is going to work.

Carnal: What are you talking about?

Spiritual: This step we are going to do.

Carnal: Well you can just leave me out of this.

Spiritual: The step can't be done if you are left out.

Carnal: Doesn't matter, I am fine as I am. I think this program is a waste of time.


Alice: Come on girl, get with the program...To Become Willing! What does that mean?

Spiritual: You see, she really does want to do this. Stop being afraid and let's face the truth.

Carnal: mocking voice: Let's face the truth. critical voice: As if that is going to do me any good.

Spiritual: If we honestly look at what is inside us and learn to forgive, God can do wonders for us. We can have peace, joy, love...

Carnal: I don't have my head in the clouds. Life has taught me not to trust anyone. People always want something and it never is any good for me. People have hurt me. Abused me. Anyways, in the end, I'm better they they are... why should I be the one to change?

Spiritual: Are you really happy with the way things are?

Carnal: I get by.


Alice: Hmmm... Step 4 was taking an inventory.

Spiritual: You remember that step don't you?

Carnal: Leave it alone.

Spiritual: I can see what is written on your heart. Dad abused us. And when mom couldn't defend us and you treated her badly. Then you stole money from him to run away. On and on you kept sinning. You did drugs to get high and drank to dull the pain.

Carnal: Leave it alone. I am just trying to do the best I can.

Spiritual: I am sorry if this hurts. But look inside yourself. Your heart is full of anger. You're fearful. Stubborn. Resentful... You know we have to leave this stuff behind or it will consume us... kill us.

Carnal: And do what then? It is who I am.


Alice: Sigh! God, I am trying to forgive people. I'm trying to repent. It seems impossible.

Spiritual: Remember step 5. We confessed these sins. God himself forgives us for the things we have done.

Carnal: What good has that done me? I am still the same person.

Spiritual: hold up bag: Have you forgotten God's gift to us. Look upon this heart. The Holy Spirit can be seen. If we trust in Him and do what he wants He will fill this bag with everything we need.

Carnal: And what price do I have to pay?

Spiritual: Just the very things that cause Alice to hurt herself and others. We can have so much more... be so much more.

Carnal: But I like some of the stuff I do. I won't give it up. You can't make me.

Spiritual: True, it isn't up to me. Neither is it up to you. It is up to Alice.


Alice: What is the answer Lord?

Carnal: Look, the body I speak for needs to have the things you dislike. Alice is used to it and she won't let it go.

Spiritual: Yet she listens to me as well. Alice sees the promises of God and wants them. Not only to have life but to have an abundant life. All that fruit of the Spirit stuff.

Carnal: But it is too difficult. It will hurt too much.

Spiritual: Not true, it will hurt for a season but joy comes in the morning.

Carnal: But look at the past... Alice can't overcome it.

Spiritual: Look to the future... with God all things are possible.

Alice: I see. It is a choice I must make. I must be willing to let the past go to attain the prize!

Spiritual: places ear to bag: reaches in and pulls out a message: it reads "Are you willing to follow me yet?" Places note in hands of Alice.

Alice reads the note.

Alice: Yes Lord, I am.

Spiritual: places ear to bag: reaches in and pulls out a message: it reads "follow me" Places note in hands of Alice.

Alice reads the note.

Alice: Amen Lord!

Alice walks off stage with Spiritual and Carnal following.

Closing Remarks:

Whatever remarks the moderator (Robin?) wishes to make to engage people and open up ministry opportunities.

author: Joseph Raymond
date: March 3, 2006
1st finished draft

first performance 1 April 2006 at an AFC conference.

Aloholics for Christ, Canada

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