need bodies or fall into abyss

There is a person going about the internet picking up email addresses from where ever she can. She then writes to these email accounts saying that she has the true understanding about demons and what they are and what happens to them. Recently on TV I saw a movie with Denzel Washington playing a detective. Lo and behold, the premise of the movie was based on the same theology as this person on the net... or close enough.

What is this theology?

The premise is that demons must be inhabiting a living creature to stay in this realm with us humans. They need a host body. Why? When the angels were cast out of heaven they fell towards the earth. They were headed to hell. Many of them were able to grab hold of a body on their passage through our place and thus broke their fall toward hell. When the body dies they must latch onto another body before they plummit into hell. It is said that these demons can exist for a very short time outside of the body (though the woman on the net didn't say this) and must quickly re-enter someone or some animal.

Part of this theology says that these demons can pass from person to person by the act of touching. Of course they would have to be people who the demon can enter as opposed to those they can't; such as those who are the blood bought of Christ or those who are innocent.

OK, the theology isn't the greatest, but it is making its way across the net and into message boards and emails. This theology is supposedly based on the scriptures... ahem, a new revelation knowledge... NOT!

The Truth

Matthew 12:43-45
When an unclean spirit (demon) goes out of a person it travels through dry places seeking some kind of rest... and doesn't find any.
The spirit then decides to return to the body that it inhabited before. Coming to it, he finds it clean, empty, in order... in other words, desireable.
Being the type of creature it is... it goes and finds demons who are even worse than he and comes back as a group to inhabit the person.

This example simply states that a demon (spirit) can leave a body, by implacation be cast out, and travel abroad. There is no mention of having to have a host body. There is no falling into the pit because they are not anchored. It simply roams about. It can also return to the same person. Others can enter with it.

Remember that Satan is the "prince of the power of the air." Demons also travel through the air. It is their principle domain. (I personally believe some prefer to inhabit bodies. I also believe that some cannot inhabit bodies.) Why the belief that they need bodies? It is taken from the passage where "Legion" is cast out of the man to inhabit the 2,000 swine. It is said this proves that they need bodies or they will fall into hell... a judgment. Their first and only act is to rush down the side of the mountain and drown. If they needed bodies didn't they all just commit suicide? What the demons were afraid of was being judged before the time. They were not afraid to be outside of the body of the man they were possessing at the time.

There is a time set for judgment; for people, for demons, for angels. When the time comes all will be judged in their proper order by the One or those appointed by Him.

What is the game the enemy is trying to play with this error in theology? Who knows? To really understand one must study the work of darkness. I would rather spend my time studying the word of truth. If someone has come out of this errant theology and can explain the trap and reason for it... drop me a line. If you are scripturally based I might place a link to your site.

Where ever you go on the net... keep your bible handy and pray in the Spirit. With Him as your guide you'll get all that you need and avoid the pitfalls that the enemy has placed before your feet.

Author: Joseph Raymond

Date: 12 May, 2001

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