Broken to Heal

Spiritually Empty, unable to trust
Seeking help, it was a must
Life was chaotic, and it felt like hell
Would it be possible, for me to get well?

The future before me didn't look bright,
Life was crazy, would it ever seem right?
Emotionally drained, and tired of hurt
Energy I needed, just a little spurt

Mentally scattered, and scared with doubt
Everything was messed, could I figure it out?
Physically exhausted, I fell to my knees
I called out to Jesus, Help me please!!

At that very moment, without any question
I knew he was listening, He made a suggestion
Make a quick call, to some people who care
They'll show you the way, to help you prepare

Unknown to me, there was common ground
With a room full of strangers, all sitting around
As they all shared their stories, horrifying but true
I could really relate, was there a need to feel blue?

We come from backgrounds, both rich and poor
But we share the same problem, that is for sure
Not just acquaintances, true friends you will find
Behind these four walls, together we'll bind

If life gets so stressed, that you feel you will freak
It really gets better, just show up once a week
Without all these meetings, soon you will fall
Come here and know, you can depend on us all

Patience is a virtue, we all have been told
This we must learn, before we get old
Garbage and trash, you can leave at the door
No necessity to carry, the load anymore

The trust that we've broken, will soon become strong
It seems like forever, but it doesn't take long
We won't have to say sorry, or feel any shame
Our actions will show, we're no longer to blame

Don't be afraid, of what you have done
Truth is a must, so the race can be won
Together with wisdom, that's shared in these rooms
We must stay focused, or lives will be doomed

With the willingness to listen, and honesty to share
Love, strength and hope, can carry you there
Your whole life will change, to the better you'll see
Just keep coming back, it's working for me

I must remain humble, helpful and true
To God; and the people, who helped me get through
We cannot forget, new people coming in
Allow us to show you, the tools to begin

Amongst all the noise, the fuss and the chatter
We must take the time to see, what's the matter
Peace and serenity, come from within
As soon as you shake off all of the sin

God's love makes me lend, a helping hand
To the mixed up people, that don't understand
So be kind to those, who are in the need
It takes just a minute, to do a good deed

I have a good listener, to show the way out
For me to get rid, of all of my doubt
The times I was crazed, and thought I would crack
They were there for me, it's time to give back

The road to recovery can be tough and seem bleak
The mountain we'll climb, to reach the top peak
After some time, you begin to hear laughter
Truth be known, there's life ever after

Today life is different, I dare not complain
With help from the wise, my life's back again
Things are much better, than they were before
As a matter of fact, I've gained even more

My Higher Power, has shown me the way
Through prayer and meditation everyday
An anchor you'll need, it will be rough
To get where I am, I had to be tough

Don't ever give up, keep your nose to the grind
The strength that you need, in these rooms you will find
Don't fret if you're antsy, anxious and bored
Surprising enough, your life gets restored

So we need not feel helpless, there is hope in sight
It was a blessing from God; I called for help that night
So expect to feel happy, and listen for chimes
You'll get there I promise, One day at a time

Poetry a gift to Karl Fair
by an anonymous author
reprinted with permission
28 August 2006

Karl Fair is the leader of
Addiction and Recovery Support
at Crossfire Assembly

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