This is not evolution. This is transmutation. In a sense a form of alchemy from flesh to something different yet still related.

While thinking on the changing of our mortal bodies into that which is supposed to be spiritual upon our resurrection I was wondering if this was something new or was it something that was lost in the Garden of Eden when Adam sinned and a new reality was birthed in him.

Was it possible that what the Lord had warned Adam about had far reaching consequences that we have not even understood to date. It never having run its course there is no proof or is there.

They could have lived forever in the garden as long as they abstained from eating the forbidden fruit. They may have grown older after a fashion. They eventually did after the fall and eventually fell to the corruption which may be inherent in the universe. But again maybe not inherent.

What if by refraining from the fruit they were to always have the life of the spirit within them... God's Holy Spirit. The process whereby they would have continued to live then wouldn't be inherent for the Spirit of God would always sustain there life. Perhaps as one aged and became even closer with the Spirit of God and the way of God they would slowly change and they would eventually have a body that could no longer be corrupted in any way taking on the new form ... The transmutation from earthly to spiritual.

As an example we read that Christ came to redeem us from the curse. The curse was decaying bodies that would eventually die out. He came to redeem us from death. So it is only natural to think that if man hadn't fallen he would not be under the curse and they would have been able to live as long as God allowed existence to continue. Existence of all things that is.

When Jesus returns and raises the dead who have been faithful to Him we may be receiving the fastest shortcut to transmutation from earthly to spiritual. There are other places where the redeemed after the great tribulation are going to live in earthly style with the same bodies that we now possess but that will not be the full transmutation that the bride of Christ will receive. For they shall be able to die and most should live to be 900 years or more just like in the garden. The word says that one dying at 300 years of age during this period will be considered to be cut off  in his prime.

There is also the mention of the trees that will align themselves along the river that will run from underneath the altar of God to the dead sea. That the fruit of these trees shall be for the healing of the nations. No mention is made of what the affliction may be but there would be healing for something. Perhaps ageing itself.

Most that would be born during this period will still be alive when the Devil is released from captivity once again to wreak havoc upon the world as man's final test of whether or not they will be obedient to God or no. This final dispensation will perhaps be the strangest.

Some of us alive today if the Lord returns will be instantly changed (transmuted) when He returns. Are we now at this time being changed... is the idea of a new creation in Christ much more fundamental in scope as to mean that at least on one level that we are embarked today on the road to transmutation but that the body itself will have to wait for the full revelation of the sons of God (we who believe).

I know that the mind is to be renewed as we follow the Lord but is the process by which we become new creatures that of the spirit... again a short cut to the reality of spirituality that we could have attained on a gradual basis if Adam had not rebelled against the Lords commandment.

This is just a concept that I have figured and is not to be taken as scripturally true. It is only a thought as to what the nature of what we are, who we are and what we will become. Cults express the thought they could do this on their own... Buddhism. Yet the body is destroyed not transmuted.

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Author: Joseph Raymond

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