The Wonder of Existence

How does one go about describing a reality that has no matter or energy and where space and time have no meaning. There is simply the awareness of self. "I AM", he said,  "and there is no other". It is the existence of God out side of all reality modes. The earthly and the spiritual have no meaning for as yet they do not exist. Only God who is spirit. Yet, even the word spirit betrays an existence of some kind that has parameters. What can be enclosed within parameters is not God but of God.

What then can we say of God? Beyond scope, beyond comprehension, beyond understanding, yet existing as the only true reality. Therein lies the mystery. It is He that defies all definition or attempts at it. It is only He that can give definition to that which is yet to be created.

In the beginning was the word and the word was with God and Is God. Familiar words used to describe the presence of he who was, is and is to come. Yet as son, he has a father. A being who spans the universes and is not a part of it, being both beginning and end. Yet only a parameter which fails to encompass him who is beyond the defined model.

The spirit hovers over the waters in the darkness and moves at the command of the word. All things take form according to his word. The words spoken come from the heart of God who is the father. How can we define the un-definable. How can we measure with the things made that which is beyond its scope to measure? To Quantify? To Qualify? It cannot be done.

There is God who has no beginning nor ending yet has defined the beginning and the end. This not as an unveiling sequence but made whole of one moment. Yet those things within perceive the whole only in the part they play. Life itself is the needle on the record that moves through the groves giving a sense of change yet all there is ever to be is already there set and unchanging to the eye of God.

It is we who are finite, trapped in the groove, who see time as a line to be journeyed upon. He made it whole of one piece but only the fraction we are in is the reality for us. So we have God and this thing called reality which from the beginning to the end is now. He is the father who holds this concept in place. Unchanging without but ever changing within. It is we who believe in the string of moments that we call time and perceive the changes which is to God a form set and unchanging.

How then does the life appear to move in the plane that we are now existent? His spirit enables the record by traversing its length. Thus the appearance of the manifestation we call time. Time itself not being uniform. For the laws of this universe decree that mass and space create their own pockets of time that are divorced from the others and time still rests at the beginning and in other places has already reach its conclusion. Only that which is finite can seem to exist in a line of time from start to finish.

He calls into being that which is whole and then gives that which is in the whole the appearance of time movement. Where his spirit rests we are at that moment aware. He sees as one piece the whole, we see only the warp and woof of the moment.

The creator has made it one piece and yet to enjoy the creation must place his awareness within the thing made. As he gives light there is life to all. He ceases to move and we unknowingly hang in time oblivious to the action. For we perceive time only as he unveils it and not a moment before or after. Into this creation he comes and calls himself Word. His being within as He is also without. Hiding the future from self to play surprise to events as they unfold. He sorrows within at a moment in time yet without was the perpetual sorrow. He joys within at a moment in time and yet without was the perpetual joy.

Shall he who is within skip once again to the beginning to set the play in motion once again? Yet all this is done without our awareness being trapped by the event as he reveals. How hard for us to grasp the whole when trapped to the immediate. Yet try we will and getting no advantage, for his law holds firm and will not change, we exist and labour.

So where does this stuff called reality within come which we are bound? For his spirit gives thought to its creation and is of itself the consideration. The consideration itself is the existence of all. The stars, the planets, the trees and the atom; all particles of spirit thought that have their being in him. Both the heavenly and the physical he has made through the consideration of existence he has made, that he holds to be true. The laws of one to last forever, the laws of the other to decay into the dust. It moves and changes at his command and its laws cannot be changed by man or spirit but by God only.

So angel, demon and man play the role he has envisioned. Some to honour and some to dishonour. His plan and will be done. We think we know the way yet his way is far above all. Grasping this singular truth takes the heart out of men yet it is decreed; joy for those destined for joy and to sorrow for those on that path. His glory revealed through all this to show the magnificence of Himself. Too small our thoughts when we think to judge him for how can the immediate perceive the eternal. How to measure its worth is beyond us. Yet our God does that which is right. Perhaps he prepares for another play where we take our part in the vastness that is God's thought. Eternity stretches before us so how to think and decide whether something be good or bad. Only he can judge. Woe to those who are not found in his pleasure.

So live your life in the moment knowing that all is fore-ordained. For God without sees the saved and the lost as they will be for he knows them from the start. Find his spirit moving and you will live to the moment where you should be. For where his spirit is, there is life eternal. The rest is life with the promise of death.

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Author: Joseph Raymond

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