Using logic to determine whether the bible should or should not be read.

Is there Logic?

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There are many who do not believe that the bible has any relevance for us today. They relegate it to stories and myth with no practical application for modern man. There is no God, they say, so why read a book written by men thousands of years ago pretending that there is. Therefore, is there any logic in reading the bible at all?

My answer is... Is it logical to dismiss a book before you have read it?

It is the same error that even Christians make when it comes to books that they have been told are anti-God. More on that in another letter. For now let us say that dismissing any book before you have read it is illogical because you do not know first hand what is in it. This is true for the Christian as well as all the people on the earth today.

The point then is ... is it logical to open the book, the bible? - The premise from both sides -


In either case the good of the community being served by just laws is the aim of each group. It is only a matter of style or taste in its application. If the bible is false then there is no right or wrong but simply the acceptance of what are the rights and responsibilities of the governing authority and its people, as they declare it to be. Whether it is viable for the community depends on its aims and whether it brings about the desired goal. Through evolution, only that which is fit to survive the changing conditions is "right". If there is no God then He hasn't spoken what is right or wrong and man is free to pursue any direction he wishes. Survival of the species or any subgroup is to; dominate and survive, this is the rule of law... the law of the jungle. It matters not which philosophy or group survives... what matters is survival. Whether it be Christian, Muslim, Buddhist, Rationalist or some combination of these... only time will tell. The new testament is a viable book to read for those who have studied it have survived as a group for 1900+ years. Old testament writings are older and a viable book also, for it has stood the test of time and adherents are still among us today. One should read to find the keys to these two groups that has enabled them to survive. This also can be said for any and all philosophies that have survived through the passage of time. There is no right or wrong but simply... does it enhance the chances for survival. The Christian or any other group is neither better nor worse than each other. Therefore it is important to read and understand what the bible says, for it may contain information that survival is dependent upon. You will not know this unless you study it and its evolutionary applications for yourself.


Unlike the first example the second leaves no room for compromise as to the end result of your survival. It is aimed at the survival of mankind not through the evolutionary process but the dramatic transmutation of humans into a new form of being. This is "the resurrection of the dead" which is dependent upon God's power to accomplish the act and not on man's ability to understand the act. Those who read and believe that it is true and live their life accordingly will be with God forever. Those who do not believe will be eternally separated from God and kept in a place called "the lake of fire" for eternity. Before one can believe one must know what the bible is saying. If the bible is true it is imperative that it be read to gain some understanding of how to escape the lake of fire and be with God. Not reading the bible will result in not understanding what is occurring and thereby miss your opportunity to be "saved". This is true for the Christian as well as the non-Christian.


Is it logical to read the Bible...? Yes!

It only makes sense then for the Christian and the unbeliever to read the bible to determine its worth.

Anything else is illogical.

J Raymond - 22 May 99

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