I am one of Adam's race
whose nature betrays the truth
like all those who have come before
I'm stained with the mark of sin
for in my mind I'll have my own way
not heeding the call of my heart
for my flesh cries aloud, "Give, Give"
and I as a slave obey.

Justified, justified, I cry aloud
yet God's hand presses down
'til choices made exact the toll
of conscience seared and dead.
No right have I to heavens realm
where life and love abound
for all fall short, all have sinned
I await the penalty due.

Once in time His grace appeared
so very long ago
Bethlehem's child was born that day
to pay the price foretold
and not for His but ours it's said
upon death's cross He hung.
With final breathe and blood outpoured
He cried, "dear Abba, 'tis done".

It was not long He stayed below
for Father's love remembered
was not for His but others life
the ransom price was paid.
With but a touch, embued new life
and raised him from the dead
new Adam, new race, new covenant,
for all who'd but believe.

For me and you it has been done
To give this gift so vital
immortal life, eternal love,
a way through heaven's portal.
With heart belief comes righteousness
salvation with mouth is made
proclaiming truth with heartfelt faith
newness of life begins.

No more the Jew nor gentile be
distinction can't be found
for now the time for all to make
decision, loss or gain.
The cross of Christ divides in two
the mass of people here
no more shall I be put to shame
his cross of love I'll bear.

Not by works, nor by law
but mercy couched in grace
believe He is the Son of God
who paid the debt of old.
Anointed one, Lord of life
come to me this day
I humbly bow my knee to you
as life begins anew.

Author: Joseph Raymond

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