There Is No Other  

Are you the Lord? Is there no other?
That's given all, to set me free?

Enwrapped in chains of my own making,
Each link was forged in the furnace called "Self".

Each thought did bend, each action taken,
Till what was formed? A link of sin!
As life proceeded the links were added,
Till long the chain that bound my soul.

I felt its weight upon my spirit,
No longer free, I could not fly.
Earth bound was I and in the dust,
My soul cried out, "where now relief"!

Oh tortured soul, what have I wrought,
With hands so cunning and mind so sharp?
A fool I've been I see it now,
The life of self, the death of me.

So years did pass till all I see,
The curtain of death drawn nigh to me.
But "Wait" said I, for light did shine
And saw His cross upon a hill.

Then tears did flow upon my cheeks
And hope did spring within my heart
For when He rose He set me free
And chains did lay about my feet.

Then at His coming my hand He takes
And lifts me high, to the wedding feast.

I love you Lord! There is no other!
Who's given all, to set me free.

Author: Joseph Raymond

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