Tis Jesus Now  

When long the soul's search final ends
To stand so humbly awed,
There is no time like that moment
To enter the kingdom of God

For so I'm told, His Son was sent
To pay the price foretold
Life for life, a cost so dear,
For all the crimes of old.

For God himself did turn his face
From Him who hung upon the cross
For marred was He, by our own sin
So Satan could suffer eternal loss.

For from His grasp, we have been taken
The sting of death, no more for me.
For happy now, my soul does fly
For death's defeat, The Christ has won.

So now I stand in splendrous grace
For here and now I've entered in
Spirit filled, I see His face
To walk in love, no more with sin.

For life in Him, is now eternal
What more needs be, His life in me,
And when the time has come to leave,
'Tis Jesus now, I know I'll see.

Author: Joseph Raymond

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