The Error

I thought I understood the way
it was to be for me.
To my surprise it came about
a different way you see.
Too long had I to sit and watch
the time slip by with moments lost.
The graying hair the wrinkled skin
proof did give that time did move
though thoughts remained the same.

Was it today, tomorrow, yesteryear,
when unbalanced thought unnerved the seat
where once I stood to fight the slights
against me leveled by compromised men.
For try as I could to stem the tide
beaten was I til I stood no more
and lost delight of ages past
do crowd the now with visions lost

Upon the bulwark I stood to cry
knowing the depths to which I sank.
Murky seas were all that remained
of once vibrant life turned bitter.
No more I cried into the storm
with mind and senses gone,
the loss of common sense to me
like blighted land with furrows bare.

So once again I sought to stand
to lay foundation strong.
The God above the Spirit within
His Son before my eyes.
"Quickly now do as I say
and life will now return.
My joy My love will spring anew"
yet then again too late I step
and time passed by to the end.

Now late in life with weathered brow
upon the bed of death I lay
with filming eyes and shallow breath
I await the mistress my soul to claim.
With hand outstretched she grasps my soul
my shell I leave behind.
If only once I chose His life
now doom has come, my soul's reward.

If you hear His voice,
Do not harden your hearts as in the day of rebellion.
Turn and embrace the new destiny of His Life's Reward.

Author: Joseph Raymond

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