Forlorn Hope

Will you witness
the time between the ages
when passion rules the earth
and blood is spilled in secret
when martyr's voice whispers
Jesus and His word?

Will you stand up
echoing the voices
from days of old
crucify, crucify
those called by the name
of him who died and rose?

Do you not know
that your time is short
the mighty will rise
to be cast down again
like pharoah of old with
ten plagues and the sea?

Is this your hope
that mankind will triumph
against the wisdom of God
and those of His choosing
to prevail over the one
riding upon the clouds?

Then faith you have
in the plans of men
as Christians have
in the plans of God
the end shall tell
who's right and who wrong.

Those who believe
in the risen saviour
receive a gift called hope
while the plots and schemes
of man with men produces
the curse of a forlorn hope.

Author: Joseph Raymond

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