Aorta Repair… once more.

I just had surgery done earlier this year on the Aorta and the branch arteries. Found out a little over two weeks ago that they need to go back in and place another stent in the Aorta artery which descends down from the heart and goes past the stomach before it branches into the two arteries going down into the legs. This will be the fourth surgery in this area. Clots are still forming in this area and the artery needs to be opened with the balloon and stented on the lower part.

So, I’m calling out to my faith family and friends for prayer. Although the operation is supposed to be less risky than the previous procedures there seems to be confusion on what is actually going to be done and how it is to be accomplished. I do not know if I will receive a local injection and then go home that day or if I am going to get a spinal and spend a couple of nights? It is just too confusing…

The surgery is to take place at the General Hospital on Monday, the 20th of October at 3:00pm. Less than 48 hours from now, if all goes well, and it probably won’t unless I have your prayers. No operation was ever successful if not backed up with prayer. I am confident, with your prayers covering me, that despite the confusion, everything will work out for my good.

God bless and thank you.


I had the operation. In fact they called me in an hour early to get me out earlier. I was given a local and a sedative and they started cutting. The operation went smoothly and I was out in less than an hour. I was in recovery, flat on my back, for four hours. Then the happy news… go home. The experience was short, quick and out. Much better than the other times the procedure was done. I still have to watch out for infection. Also told not to lift anything over ten pounds. This will go on for a few weeks. I would ask for your prayers to continue for a short while until I am past the point of complications. God bless 😉

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